bucket list four{d and d}
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12-10-2016, 04:09 AM
bucket list four{d and d}
troub;lesome bucket list
I have this bucket list. Technically its not your normalbucket list. You see it's four classes/races I have always wanted to play in anrpg preferable d20 modern/future or fate core if must. The problem with this isthe list keeps growing and I just keep adding to it. So I have decided to maybepick one. The real problem is besides playing three table top rpgs and watchinga hole bunch of character builds, but have no actual game experience besidefour sessions. So I am really book knowledge-ish. add on top of that I reallyhave a lot of head cannon so each idea don't know if will wirk. so I thoughtI'd through them out here to clear my head and see if anyone has any ideas.here we go....

a witch..... nuff said but it's my least favorite I guess it's due to the nextone though....

A kunoichi/female ninja= I swear I have ever seen these two classes play offeach other in my head. The kunoichi with a two types of magic and the witchwith log distance ability.. Kind of a utility spell caster, but based more offhexes. The reason I really can't play ether here is that OI would be taking twocharacter slots. So kind of a marriage of coven and clean.

The next one doesn't even work in d and d and that would be a half demon halfangel... A.k.a nefullum.. The idea here is to play a character that is oftwo worlds. One of dark and one of light. And is kind of demanding to master bath.....also9 flight/raven wings.

the ;last one is kind of tricky and e most challenging to fit in. basically kindof ryoko form tench muyo. I know.. hy is this a challenge. the problem with thisis... she kind of a wierd to pin down race wise. on the surface she seemsnormal anime fare but thorough in the fact whether you are going with the firstseries of he last one. she kind of counts as both a ghost and a machine. shesummons demons bit her and her cabit ship kind of shared a digital map with theirmind. the only way I can see this working out race wise is if she is aconstruct. which isn't a race option...

p.s. I will be gone today/back this afternoon. if youhave any thoughts leave them here. this i real important to me. ty and I willbe back latter.

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