catholic school
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18-11-2012, 08:25 PM
catholic school
I went to Catholic school thru grade 6. In 1960, in 6th grade, during cold war time with Russia, a nun told our class that when (not if) the Russians got here, they would torture and kill us to make us give up our faith. We had to be strong enough to die for our faith.
We all learned the stories of the many martyrs and their gruesome torture & deaths. Now we were expected to do the same. We were 11 years old!
I have never heard about this experience from anyone else who grew up in that time. Was it common? Or was it just Sister Rose Perpetua on a creative day?
It definitely added a lot more fear and anxiety to what I already suffered from the Catholic church. So I would be happy to hear from anyone who might have had this experience also.
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