catholicism in absurdum
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25-11-2011, 06:40 PM
catholicism in absurdum
In the next weeks, the liturgy for the Catholic mass in changing... zippity doo dah. I thought this one example of the changes in the English mass so absurd I just wanted to share.....

In the old Mass, people confessed they "sinned through my own fault."

Now people say they have "greatly sinned ... through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault," as they beat their chests.

Someone tell me what the hell they think they are doing? As if it's not enough that the clergy of this organization have committed grievous atrocities against innocent children and women over the centuries through secret manipulation, now they want millions of people to beat their chests saying.... "it's my fault... it's my fault, flogging themselves. day after day....

They really have the bondage thing down pat.

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26-11-2011, 12:06 PM
RE: catholicism in absurdum
That's good scripture, believing that it's all their fault when they sin. Of course, it's also good scripture (and a logical contradiction) that it's all God's doing when they do good. Sinners get all the credit for their sins (not "Satan working through them") but the kind do not get the credit for their kindness (rather "God working through them").

On the point of self-flagellation, I guess it's to remind Catholics that they are slaves to God. God would beat them himself, if only He existed. But in lieu of His non-existent whipping arm, Catholics have to pick up on their own wrongs and punish themselves for it.

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