christianity overall
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06-01-2011, 09:37 AM
christianity overall
In christianity we have. Mormons, lestarians, jehovas witneses, baptist, lutheran, ortodoxan, chatolic. Jews,

in islam we have shia- and shuni-muslims.

My greatest confussion is. What does seperate them all? I have founded out a bit that lutherans don't belive in the pope, Metodist belives that jesus is still alive and still walking amoung us. Chatolics is something with the pope and molesting children.

We have bible 1. Jews belive in that one with moses.
Bible 2. Lutherans and chatolic belives that one with jesus
and bible 3. the muslims with mohammed

What i have founded out that they all are beliving the same thing. but still they don't like each other.

I am making a school prodject about this. I aksed around in many belivers forums. Never got a straight answer. Then i thougt. Why not go the "big evil" that they call "atheist" and ask them. You should know a bit more.. i think.

Sorry for my bad anglish, I have bad dyslexia and i from Finland. Explains everything.

PS: For the record. I belive in Valhalla. So noone get confused
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06-01-2011, 10:02 AM
RE: christianity overall
That is a question that could take a textbook to answer. Did you try an encyclopedia?
I will admit to a lot of ignorance in the Jewish and Muslim categories, but the Christians have mainly been separating themselves due to power squabbles, differing moral compasses and brainwashing to a certain extent. Perhaps I can put a few ideas into a nutshell. For example, the Roman Catholic/Catholic Orthodox split was a power squabble between Rome and Constantinople (Istanbul nowadays). During the late Roman Empire, Constantinople was an important military and religious city, and when the bishop there vied for power over the pope in Rome, a new religion was formed due to the split. That would be a power squabble.
The Protestant Reformation is a good example of the different moral compasses divide in Christianity. People were getting tired of the corruption in the Catholic church as well as certain doctrines, but did not want to abandon there christ-centered beliefs, so they formed a new religion that they thought fit there ideals better. This was partially led by Martin Luther and supported in large by Calvinists of the time, and the explanation only gets lengthier.
As far as brainwashing, one only needs to talk to fundamental christians or watch "Jesus Camp" to see that garbage in action.

Does any of that help?
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06-01-2011, 10:13 AM
RE: christianity overall
This could help:

and many others too.
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06-01-2011, 12:08 PM
RE: christianity overall
Quote:in islam we have shia- and shuni-muslims.
Because of the dysflexia I wrote in both languages, if it's any easier in Finnish.

Just a couple of things about the differences of shia and sunni beliefs:
Shia muslims think that leadership should have passed to the relatives of Muhammed after he died, but Sunni muslims think that leaders should be voted. Shia muslims don't accept the leaders that Sunni muslims have voted. The split originates from that, and the other small differences came after.
Shias think that 'Mahdi', the savior, hasn't came yet, but Sunnis believe that he has already been here, but he hasn't yet revealed himself.

Pari asiaa Shia ja Sunni uskojen eroista:
Shia muslimit uskovat, että johtajuus olisi pitänyt siirtyä Muhammedin suvulle hänen kuolemansa jälkeen, ja Sunni muslimeista johtaja pitää valita äänestämällä. Shia muslimit eivät tunnusta Sunnien äänestämien johtajien johtajuutta. Muut pienet erot tulivat vasta tämän jakautumisen jälkeen.
Shiat eivät usko että 'Mahdi', messias/vapahtaja, on tullut vielä, mutta Sunnit uskovat että hän on jo tullut, mutta ei ole vielä paljastanut itseään.

Lukihäiriö haittaa suuresti tiedonhakua, mutta jos ymmärrät hyvin puhuttua englantia, kannattaa etsiä videoita.

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07-01-2011, 07:35 AM
RE: christianity overall
thanks everybody. Hepled me a bit on the way.

Thanks for the shia/suni muslim thing. and thanks for the link.

Have a nice day everybody.
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