completely stupid experts
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26-02-2013, 07:32 AM
completely stupid experts
Have you ever lost an argument d to the amount of people that where wrong or....?

[font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif]so called expertise that you knew to be stupid. It's happened to me twice now. once i was talking to the "professional dvd record." he basically mad dvds or a living and he would not believe that my dvd recorder would record six hours on one dvd because his professional on couldn't. now one he was probably an expert but how could he be so wrong. the other time I am on this forum and I tell people I've written a novel that needs to be edited. they tell me that i can't write because i have poor spelling and grammar but I said I wasn't good at those things. there fore i am getting editing. they still think that I am lying that I am a good writer and still think spelling and grammar instead of content make a writer. though both a re pretty essential. again these are already published people. what do you think causes this effect. are they to routed by their so called expertise to see the truth.[/font]
[font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif]

[font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif]I mean they clearly know what they are talking about being in the field for long enough but clearly are wrong. it's a bit weird. again what do you think. is it a mis-connection or something in there brain.[/font]

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