corporal punishment of children in religion
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25-02-2013, 01:52 PM
corporal punishment of children in religion
So much of the reading I have been doing lately (Sam Harris, Darryl Ray, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, etc.) makes me go back to think about what Alice Miller and Philip Greven had written: the horrible lies and destructive nature involved in the religious teachings of corporal punishment for children--authoritarianism, strict and blind obedience, honoring your parents no matter how they treat you--based in the doctrine of original sin. That is one thing I haven't found much discussion on in most of the resources I have been exploring in the skeptical views of religion. A small percent of the authors mention it here and there, but not to the extent that it really is a serious, ongoing consequence of religious teaching! I am grateful to Miller and Greven for their work in identifying and exposing this horrid system of abuse for what it is. It appears to me, from my experience and for so many others I have known and worked with, that it is the biggest solidifying agent or tool in the indoctrination of children...on top of all the threats of hell and all of that...the final "blow" to silence critical thinking, reason, truth, etc, and that it brainwashes you into the pretend world of religion--filled with shame and fear. Realizing this for me was the beginning of my journey out of all that. Can anyone relate? Does anyone have any further resources I could look into in this area, as I am hoping to help others understand this?Thanks!
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