darwins devolution award show
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14-11-2016, 12:10 PM
darwins devolution award show
I actualy was both angry and laughing at the same time today but before I get to that this is the devolution awards. the idea is to come up with the dumbest thing you have personaly experienced someone else do and see if it literally is the dumbest thing that people on this site have experience. a winner is declared when I agree that so next week on Friday.it is. here are my two entries.

the first I like to call righteous indignation fail. it happened today. basicaly the guy answered a question of mine on yahoo. answers with. "Learn how to google." It wasn't that alone that realy got me though. he gave me links to two list of radio stations that had nothing to do with the question at hand. so basically he was angry at me abut something he wasn't willing to google himself.

the other situation I got myself into was interesting. I lived with a Mexican guy for a while. I rarely seen him but when I did he would ask me... "why do you listen to Mexican music.????" I was stunned. mainly because the music itself was from japan. I was literally listening to jpop. this was made clear that he didn't know the language at all ands clearly knew Spanish and english both very well. on top of that any time the guy in the other side of the house heard me play the any jpop in english he clearly thought they were singing in a language he couldn't understand. clearly he thought they were singing in japanese. so basicaly there were some arguments going on were the origins of the music lay.

P.s. I am saving my trump card for later. also try to have your story have a title.

1. Striding and swaggering rootlessness without end. The precious flow of life.
2. one should fear sweet a blood stained flower.
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