dealing with quizi objectivity
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04-03-2016, 10:18 PM
dealing with quizi objectivity
today someone answered a post I did last year on youtube... the post was explaining that in my opinion art is subjective... and this caused meme to look at some videos saying art is objective... there argument was.. that if it's so subjective then why is there objective bad. now I like to think this is a good argument buttttt.... the thing is I can draw some parallels to that and another intellectual discussion of one.. why losing in a game is important and wining ot at alll. these two share the act that one thing is objectivity true but the other is subjectively quizi objective.. that's my question.... can something be quizi objective and why or why not...

p.s.s just one more thing.. explaining the whole wining in a game is subjectyive.. take table top rpg's.. say you run a never ending campeign.. then wheres the win scenario... a table top rpg doesn't need one because winning is not the goal.. experiencing is.. thus the fact that someone won subjective.

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