dear epic video games I love "bleep you"
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19-07-2017, 06:34 PM
dear epic video games I love "bleep you"
I know this is not a gaming forum but I have a dilemma. You see the games I love are also the video games I loath.{currently} I like to play a lot of games with deep lore and depth of mechanics. basically jrpgs like shin megami and fighters like smash bros... I like these games due to there stories/worlds/theme. my problem with them comes in the fact that some of the best parts of them are some the most hidden details.... I give some examples too games I know I love...

1. shin megami 4 four.. I sent hours and days trying to figure out why I couldn't get my character to level to beat certain monsters. so eventually I sold the game. turns out latter I fid out that I needed to chose building my character as a magical character or a strength character.. the thing was how was i sapposed to know that from the game play. this was a hidden detail that makes or breaks the game.

2. ff9= not the best final fantasy but a little known fact to me.. If you are a thief you can steal things to make your current attacks stronger. that is if you succeed in stealing. there was no way UI could figure this out and no it didn't make or real the game but it added to the lore and would have enhanced my play.

that's the kind of thing i mean. I realy love these kind of systems. I know their the reason i play game like magic the gathering and when i can d and d. well hat world lore and story. my question is there a work around?. a way i can actualy get something out of these systems without having to rip the game apart just to look at the source code or something.

p.s. I ask because I DEFINETLY want to play tokyo mirage secession. that's basicaly through the gas that is shin megami onto fire emblem kinds of awesome. I have the ideas.. even though UI didn't play fire emblem but something tells me I would love it/hate it ands both for the same reason.

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