debate on child limit in the U.S.
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07-05-2012, 08:34 PM
RE: debate on child limit in the U.S.
Exactly because people educate themselves on how much a waste of space effort and money children are so they have less.

India is where the limit needs to be. They're gonna be most populated country very very soon and coming from New Zealand I have some rather racist opinions on Indians and so would very much be in support of anything that decreases their population.

Brazil is another one, they're population is on the increase. Though I may be mistaking Brazil's population growth for economic growth, I can't be bothered checking right now.

America doesn't really have a large population issue. If you don't like living around large amounts of people then don't move to the city and vise versa.

But in general population control will become the biggest global issue (though pretty much all issues these days could be classed as global) we face as a human race. And so allocation of resources will become priority, ie: do we use this land for needed food or do we use it for higher paying tobacco (large problem in Africa right now actually). That sort of thing.

The problem with population is it's unlike any problem we have had in the past in sense that we can't just round up say 25% of the population and kill them. It's considered "immoral".

I think it will get to a point where large scale war is waged over valuable resources (most likely rare earth elements to begin with as at least we have alternatives for oil) where countries want the resource for their own population but other countries want it for theirs etc.. So in other words nukes and just war in general shall do a bit of population control for us one day.
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