do you sometimes think "screw it, i do as i please"?
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21-01-2013, 04:19 AM (This post was last modified: 21-01-2013 04:25 AM by Vera.)
RE: do you sometimes think "screw it, i do as i please"?
(21-01-2013 04:02 AM)Aseptic Skeptic Wrote:  I get you, and I agree. Even when people, say, donate to charity, they're doing it because it makes them feel good to do it, it feels right to them. Everything we do is just because it feels right to us. But, behaving responsibly in society usually feels right to most of us, most of the time. That's a good thing. Society without that would be, well, vexatious.
Excuse me, but I've heard this before and it was just as badly substantiated. Yeah, a lot of people give because it makes them feel good (I still do not see what so wrong with that, but never mind). What about people who go work in orphanages, or with HIV positive kids in the middle of a war-torn and famine infested area, and are surrounded by so much suffering and horrors, that we cannot imagine, yet they stay on; Médecins Sans Frontières; people who go to Pakistan to do polio vaccines, only to be shot by militants? Yeah, there are a lot of selfish people who can't see beyond their own gratification. And there are a lot who can and/or who derive pleasure from helping those who truly need help and easing the suffering of others. So please, do not belittle the lives and efforts of those, just because "it gives them pleasure" or because we do not all do it.

If this is selfishness, I strongly prefer it to the selfishness that leads one to thinking it's all about them, that their interests always com first or that everybody is like them.

"E se non passa la tristezza con altri occhi la guarderò."
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