down to earth
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01-01-2015, 12:20 AM
down to earth
Religion has put my head in the clouds and in wishful thinking and following advice and abstract platitudes (such as those of our esteemed Jesus Christ for example). Maybe this was a cause, or maybe it was just an effect of some deeper problem. Anyway I want to be solution oriented and maybe many face the same issues that I face, of how to be practical, pragmatic, rational, etc. so we can be successful and happy in this world, the only world we know about- and not be gloomy, not be martyrs, not be in our heads, not be in the heavens or gripped by fear of hell.

How do best get down to earth? Why assume that position and read that which helps you- I am reading Henry Ford's biography. Think more about money and finance, and industry and production, and think more about the 'carnal' things. Don't talk or think so much, but do. Stay busy, don't be idle.

I remember reading Robert Anton Wilson- he was knocking businessmen- their superstitions- I can't remember what exactly- and saying they're supposed to be the 'hard nosed and rational ones'. He was being sardonic or ironic or sarcastic or ambiguous.

I find that words are cheap- my own certainly included. There is a phenomena- which has caused me loss. It has to do with my attention drifting away, and I want to be down to earth, and I want to be connected with the group. Admittedly it's sometimes hard to connect to groups- not because I consider myself elitist, but I just don't feel I've necessarily bonded- when they're talking about something I'm far from in spirit- say sports at best or if they're modern 'liberal' progressive, or if they're neocon- if they're ideological. I just want to be in the moment. I'm not suggesting I"m better. I admire them for their traits. I'm just saying I need to improve my ability to relate without compromising my integrity- my ability first of all to identify. Well working with people on a job really helps me bond. I'm a student again so that kind of pulls me away from the reality- of money, of life, of work, but I'm studying accounting, so that helps ground me. It's very practical and sensible.

But I fear being ungrounded. I so often get ungrounded. I see so many others get ungrounded. I am trying to fill all the holes I can in my knowledge of things or awareness of things- issues, histories, etc. SO I read a lot nightly. I finally feel I'm for the first time in my life beginning to get 'educated'. I want to control my own space- at least my living space, be successful at a job, have a nice girlfriend who I claim as my own (with her consent of course) and so on- have children. What is more down to earth than children?

I have never made much money but I am from a family many of whose members have done quite well for themselves, and my friends parents and so on. It's interesting they can be so practical, grounded and down to earth, and yet though they may not talk about it, they are strong believers in Jesus (called Christ) or in the New Testament religion, called (glad tidings). Reading some works that are critical of religion, even if they happen to be anti-jewish, helps ground me. It helps me see the bible from new perspectives and frameworks. This one author says that the sermon on the mount is a suicidal teaching and it helped bring down the roman empire, which he thought was one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. I don't know much about the roman empire, but I believe they were down to earth and grounded, as were most of our ancestors and most ancient empires. Maybe it's being defeated, that makes one subservient and submissive and ungrounded. I'M not sure. But the west is not defeated, is it? Well I think we've fought ourselves so much in civil wars, so it's likened unto a kind of defeat or confusion, because we've lost our identity and we are turning inward against ourselves- at least temporarily.

Confusion of course is very ungrounding. I just want the permanent everlasting experience of being grounded, my head on the ground, aware of what is essential- non fanatical, non general or abstract, not following platitudes, not turning the other cheek, unless I want to and not even thinking about that until the time comes of it's own accord, and not me in any way seeking it out to prove anything.

What is my will? Well it is to restore my foreskin, get a good job, finish my studies, get a nice girl, have children, bless the world by giving my unique gifts. I'm a late bloomer in life because I could never act until I was certain, and I feel for so long my mind was unhinged, by religion and other forms of fanaticism. I don't know what drove me on the paths I've taken. I feel I need to learn to be permanently grounded- I guess I mean by that my brain always alive and turned on, never shutting down or blackout out in response to certain issues. I guess my brain or it's circuits or thought trains would follow all these 'jump to' instructions, that are kind of non sequiters, when faced with certain situations. I want everything to be logical and rational. I want to be more program conscious. I want to program my life and follow the program, and accomplish things. It's easier thought than accomplished. If it seems I'm beating a dead horse, it's because the obstacles are great in this life. Successes or accomplishments do not happen accidentally but through long term diligent organized action often based on personal sacrifices. Oh but it's interesting these successful family members, they were believers. To me I could never contradict myself like that. I respect them so much, for their worldlyness, but I could never live with that contradiction. I'd have to be all one thing or all another. I guess that's just in my nature.

In our country- america, we have a whole massive industry based on religion- and many industries within that. We have a whole priestcraft, we have a whole education system designed to teach theology to up and coming clergy and pastor- men and women and church administrators, religious music producers, etc. These workers try to turn certain things- like "following christ" or his teachings, or repeating them and propagating them, into 'virtues'. Virtue and vice (or sin) are very useful (and useful is a good term for those who would be grounded) concepts for any society- but woe onto the society that gets them wrong. Hard work has always been a virtue because it helps a society produce food and shelter and the good and necessary things, and keeps one out of trouble, and helps one get ahead individually, but the bible or the new testament arguably would dispense with this or render it a vice (give no thought to the morrow). So we are inverting things I believe, being told or mesmerized into believing certain things should be vice as opposed to virtue, and vice versa. Of course, virtue and vice is in the eyes of the beholder- there are no objective tests to determine what is a vice or virtue- it's individual and cultural, but the priestcraft, etc have a major effect on culture- and they are tax exempt in their incomes.

For the sake of this post, what bothers me is how it has led to me being ungrounded. Maybe they are harmless. I simply want to stay grounded- and not agitated, but at reasonable peace as one can expect in life in which the world is to some degree turbulent. I care about my self- as is natural- and I will care about my own family when I have my own family, and I care about my nation and my people. I think worry and anxiety are natural, not to be shunned or defamed, and I worry about them. I send out this aura of concern and care. Let my aura or energy meet the other energies that exist and are powerful- the medical body energies, which want to intervene and work on you technologically, the governmental/regulatory energies, the wishy washy non committal corporate energies, the academic energies which don't want to offend, the religious energies, which want to influence or pwn your 'spiritual self' which is to say your psychology and subtle emotions and thoughts and life scripts even. I will try to stay buckled down for a rough ride through life. I've been ungrounded long enough. if I know what I want and have purpose, it will not only help me be (passively) more attractive to women. It will help me be focused and successful in life and give me a way forward. I never liked the word 'belief' or 'faith' and I've struggled with those words. Screw em. I don't want to engage with believers. I guess one cannot argue with them. They choose to believe, because they want to

I understand modern leftists or liberals, as they're called to be drive a lot by fear of that which is strong, and against the concept that something is 'true' or 'right' so they try to gray all things, and make truth nebulous or vague. They side with the underdogs, for the sake of being anti-establishment or system. They are failing to get their needs met as per the power process of goal-accomplishment. I think a lot of people in our society are old, yet young in maturity, because we are not required to learn how to start fires when we're 14, hunt for our food, build a house. We are so much more powerful actually but feel weaker. We if we're leftist dislike what's strong because it's strong but we'll disguise this fact. We dislike what's rational and teaches that some things are patently false. This is all mush for the brain. We have to grow up (I'm speaking to my former self, not to you dear reader) and acknowledge that life's not fair, that there are differences in nature between classes. Maybe- surely, there are some shady deals between corporations and the political process- certainly this is true in the world of food and of medicine, and nutritional advice among other places. At the same time, I feel so many of the super wealthy- they want us to be wealthy or happy as well. I'm thinking of Steve Forbes for one. Certain classes of people, either because they've been socialized thus, or because they have the psychology of a loser, want to attack that which has money or is strong- so steve forbes, disregarding whether said person has done anything terrible or prejudicing him- just using him as an example, because he smiles a lot. Or Bill O'reilly. We can argue their policies are misguided- fine, but that's a separate question from whether their will is good or bad. Viewing strong things as the enemy and weak things as our friends, and absolute truth and right and wrong as itself an enemy to attack is a sure way to unground ourselves. I think this about myself anyway. I shouldn't speak in such absolutes, but I'm getting near the end of a long post, and my brain gets tired.

Heaven and Hell- they are twin poles both of which are ungrounding or have been to me. Like in the musical- too much heaven on the brain. In this way I admire the jew, who is generally more grounded and present and on the earth. There's so much else, so many other influences- like radio pop music playing everywhere, that makes me wonder if we're not worked on to be ungrounded or deficient in the mind. But by whom? Since I don't believe in any one overarching conspiracy- I have to say this is systemic- the system of trade values docility and what better way to be essentially docile or compliant than being ungrounded, airy, not able to build personal 'city walls' and control the gates to your spending and investing and thinking and leading and so on.

So I'm thinking- every upturn that my mind did, or side turn, that drew me away from something nice and good, a good worthy goal, well that is my responsibility for overcoming, or such, but a lot of my sentiments, feelings and thoughts- i see now were 'seeded' by bodies existing in the culture, the world, for example by churches. When I found myself wanting to be ridiculously selfless, or meek, it may or may not have been the prime cause, but I notice now voices of that nazarene rolling through my brain, and so on. The workings of my mind and brain have been seeded and influenced by cultural engines, build my men and institutions- kind of like how a skillful women can control the direction of a man's mind without him even realizing. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I think the modern system doesn't desire us to be strong individuals- and members of close community groups, that are autonomous. It doesn't want individual or group autonomy, because then trade doesn't happen as much. Well, when the group is strong, then to the extent you're a secure member of the group, you're stronger as an individual as a result, provided you didn't have to subsume your individuality to gain membership. That is an interesting point worth pausing and reflecting over for a moment. My group makes me stronger as an individual, because I have power- I have people who have my back. When they are ungrounded, so do I become. Emotional and mental contagion- this is something I've realized the truth of and it's dangerous. Sometimes you have to part ways with people for your own sake. I will be grounded, my brain turned on, focused and rational, goal oriented and aimed at being strong. Anything else leads to de facto life suicide- drop out syndrome, what I faced as a christian, or when I rejected Christianity, I felt depressed and in pain and suicidal sometimes. Now I know both dropping out- failing to chase wealth or good things, comfort and love and sex, and also feeling depressed are wrong. The suicidal or surrendering state was always there- even when it was masked by euphamisms or 'seeking first the kingdom of heaven'. now finally I'm becoming grounded and wanting to love life in its denseness and earthly joys. I will not call it carnal promiscuity because it is not. It can be about one wife and a family. But there is no turning skyward or sideward, but forward and gradually upward. Their ploys, are exposed. The enemy is exposed. Such a psychological enemy with no physical armies- all that is necessary is they are mocked and especially exposed. The information revolution and the transistor and solid state computing assure us of that fact.
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01-01-2015, 03:01 AM
RE: down to earth
Hrrm. Long viking post. Search in page for foreskin. It's there. Can ignore.

Give me your argument in the form of a published paper, and then we can start to talk.
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01-01-2015, 03:51 AM (This post was last modified: 01-01-2015 04:53 AM by gofish!.)
RE: down to earth
(01-01-2015 03:01 AM)Hafnof Wrote:  Hrrm. Long viking post. Search in page for foreskin. It's there. Can ignore. the proverbial needle in the haystack...

Viking...this is the second odyssey you've launched here and while I think I appreciate the cathartic effect this must have for you, is there anything here you actually want a response on (other than tl dr)?

If so, condensing this down or even taking one point at a time would help the rest of us here.

Just sayin'....

"I don't mind being's a time I get to learn something new..."
N.B: I routinely make edits to posts to correct grammar or spelling, or to restate a point more clearly. I only notify edits if they materially change meaning.
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01-01-2015, 02:31 PM
RE: down to earth
I didn't read it.

Perhaps you could make it short and sweet, or maybe.... down to earth.

Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors.... on Donald J. Trump:

He is deformed, crooked, old, and sere,
Ill-fac’d, worse bodied, shapeless every where;
Vicious, ungentle, foolish, blunt, unkind,
Stigmatical in making, worse in mind.
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02-01-2015, 08:18 AM
RE: down to earth
(01-01-2015 03:01 AM)Hafnof Wrote:  Hrrm. Long viking post. Search in page for foreskin. It's there. Can ignore.
The same rules apply for everyone, Hafnof. If you can't refrain from making insensitive posts in this section, you'll lose the ability to post here.

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