dream I had...
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06-07-2017, 11:31 AM
dream I had...
I love my dreams. I like seeing what people think of my dreams. the problem is last night I had one about a teenage girl chasing e down my houses stairs. well she was chasing me but instead of running after me she would somehow add steps to the stairs as if by magic. so I was stalled a bit but I dealt with it fine till she started adding a hole bunch of stairs. I grabbed on to the rails and used them

to jump down to were my current room is and ran to were my old room was. you see the hole time I was trying to get to some book notes that was recorded on golden records. there were a lot of them. I get mad at the girl attempt and then make me and my room disappear from... existence...??? the demensions....??? not sure but all I know was the girl seemed like se wanted to tell me something.

something she felt was important enough to interrupt me from getting to my book notes... which i would've needed a record player to listen to. It was interesting to say the least.

ps. the record had a black label with the word kunox on it.

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