Poll: For those of you who were christians once, was your deconversion aided in a big way by Richard Dawkin's books, videos, or interviews?
no, i reached my present mindset without his assistance
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email richard dawkins
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30-08-2011, 10:48 PM
email richard dawkins
i tried using the email on his website, but i dont think those actually get to him. it seems like they go to whoever runs that site. i saw a video where he was reading hatefull emails from christians, and i wanted to send him one telling him about my deconversion and thank him. anyone who knows how i could contact him, would you leave that information here? i figured if so many idiots knew how to reach him, than we should know to send encouraging messages. im including a poll for which i will send the results to Mr. Dawkins, as some encouragemnet that he's still making a difference in many people. in some of his more recent videos he seemed a bit discouraged by the large number of ignorant and stubborn people still around and that are multiplying.
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