empires and conspiracy theories
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27-05-2013, 04:22 AM
empires and conspiracy theories
I see now why many consider conspiracy theorists to be nut jobs. I am rather out of touch with mass culture because I keep to myself. I am out of touch with pop music but delving into classical, so forgive me how I don't realize how ridiculous most conspiracy theorists are today, like Alex Jones and others.

Conspiracy is real though- certainly in the past, and probably in the present. After all taking down the twin towers was the result of a conspiracy- if not of Israel or the US government, then at least of Arab terrorists. Conspiracy theory- check. Over time, events of the past are brought to light and better understood. That is the result of historiography and historical revisionism. But even long ago for those who still know, the Bolsheviks conspired to overthrow the Tsar of Russia, for years, and finally succeeded. They tried in 1905 and failed, and in 1917 their time had come. In fact their plan was not just for the USSR but for world wide revolution. They planned uprisings in Weimar Germany in the 20s and 30s. This is a conspiracy theory of history and current events but it is also true, a historical reality. The two are not opposed. So here we can hope that time brings out truth of the matter of what's happening now but that brings me to my second point, empires.

History, as well as religion and ideology, is written by those currently in power in a given place and time.

We have to understand the role of empires in civilization. Empires don't need to conspire, they just need to rule well and occupy well their lands and territories. Granted they may do certain things in secret, but if they rule well, what need have they of conspiracies?! The British Empire rose after Napoleon fell and the British empire broke up after world war II. Some say America is the new imperial power. If so we are not really acting in the interest of our own citizens, let alone ruling in a sustainable way. Moreover, if the British empire really had it's own interests at stake, would it have gone to war against Germany, a decision which cost them mightily? What leads empires and states to making bad self-defeating decisions?

Just because something is cryptic, cannot be seen except through careful straining does not mean it does not exist. In nature, many animals use disguises or hide themselves so they are not preyed upon, or so they can attack and prey upon others. This is called crypsis.

We know after Napoleon fell in the battle of Waterloo that Nathan RedShield made a killing on the London stock exchange, through deception and clever tricks. They were already wealthy before- him and his family, but after this they virtually controlled the exchange and dominated the English financial scene. It was he who said he cares not who makes the nations laws as long as he controls the money, and Benjamin Disraeli who said in his book that the world is governed by people behind the scenes, not by those who we think are governing. Ask your local representative how much pressure he is under when certain items come under discussion- pressure of different types and characters- financial, social, emotional, etc.

Certainly, certainly beyond all shadow of a doubt, this RedShield family wielded tremendous power and influence over the british and european scene in the 1800s. I have read their history, their involvement in foreign policies, which is available to all. At this time, following the French Revolution, full citizenship was granted to all ethnicities and nationalism sprung up, Marx wrote his manifesto (though not attacking the userers). I'm not sure if this quote exists but allegedly the mother of the RedShield sons said if her sons didn't want war in Europe there would not be war. The Balfour declaration during the time of WWI promised land in Palestine to one of the RedShield descendents, available for all to search. this demonstrates that the names of the RedSchields still feature in world events. We do not know how much power they once had, or how much wealth they once had, let alone how much power and influence and wealth they now possess. perhaps it has waned. If it has waned, perhaps others have taken their place. Perhaps it has waned due to natural causes, or perhaps due to conflicts with others, who took their power, or perhaps the mob masses really do possess the power in the form of liberal democracy. Of course I believe the Protocols to be a fraud but nonetheless a work of genius fiction, which is why they will always be popular but I don't use them as any kind of evidence but they should be at least glanced at by any historian and spectator if not read in full.

The nature of something cryptic is it's hard to flesh out and prove, and once you convince yourself it exists (which I have not completely done) you have to convince yourself-- but if we unplug ourselves from television and mind numbing dissipations, and ask ourselves the right questions, and follow the leads where we find them, and just study the symptoms and follow the principle that if you want to know who is in power, just ask whom you cannot criticism, then we might begin to see the world with fresh eyes.

It looks as if there is no empire, but I am proposing this paradigm. Inevitably some people will think if an empire exists today it is the American empire, or else perhaps a corporatocracy. I propose it is none of these. If one exists, I propose it is a cryptic financial empire- of central banks and other institutions. In addition to looking at whom you can't criticism or who is not put under scrutiny, but look at who is demonized and slandered and reviled in the press and popular culture. This may not have anything to do with conspiracy theory per se, but it is a good theory of power systems in the civilized world. This will not be taught at your top notch university.
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27-05-2013, 12:04 PM
RE: empires and conspiracy theories
A lot of what is labeled conspiracy is no more than human beings acting in their own self interest with no regard for others.

When a group of lions act in concert to take down a gazelle, we don't assume that the lions met in a dark room somewhere and planned the attack.

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. - Chinese Proverb
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