facebook and the religious crap
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05-04-2016, 09:15 AM
RE: facebook and the religious crap
(03-04-2016 08:40 PM)purpledaisies Wrote:  The point was/is that they post what they want but I can't. And it's not always from a site or someone else. Not to mention some was a rant. But I have and I will continue to post things if I feel strongly about just like everyone else does. It's just that I seem to be blasted for it and no one else is.
Perhaps we just look at things a little different as I've always been big on what good for you should be good for everyone else too. And I call people out on it. Someone has too which is how we get change.

I tend to only post stuff on facebook that will lure them in to look at it. I posted godhatesshrimp.com once. It caused quite a stir until everyone coaught on that it was a joke. Got my uncle to invite his brother and his same sex partner over for thanksgiving. I think it was a win.
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