favorite actor/actress
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24-05-2011, 02:05 PM
favorite actor/actress
Not necessarily the best but your favorite and why. A buddy of mine and I had this discussion a while back and I thought it was pretty interesting so I would like to see other people's opinions.

At first I was going to go with Denzel Washington. I really enjoyed Man on Fire and Training Day but Denzel always seems to play the same character. My ultimate conclusion was Tom Hanks. From serious roles like Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, The Green Mile, Apollo 13, Philadelphia Story and Forrest Gump to less serious roles like Toy Story, The Burbs, and the Money Pit. He has played a variety of characters that include the mysterious captain of a WWII squad, a mentally deficient man who experiences more in one lifetime than some generations, a gay man with AIDS and a talking cowboy toy. He has great range and has made some really great movies.

What you got?


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