feminism vs equal objectification
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21-09-2014, 06:08 PM
feminism vs equal objectification
basically I've heard it all over the web. weman are getting objectified in media but male objectification is just a male power fantasy. basically what objectification. it is to think of a "person" or is to treat a person like they aren't a person or without respect or knowledge of who they are. i've got several problems with this ARGUMENT.{sorry caps lock.}
1. so every sexualized woman is a male fantasy and every sexualized male is a male fantasy. so where tha leave non sexualized characters and then what is a female power fantasy.
2. bisexuuality/pansexuality= doesn't this kill iany sexist intent in any objectification because it's.... equality???????
3. why is objectification of fictional charac5ters wrong I know real people and I don't objectify.{well at least I treat them like people in real life} them but then again there not made of the following... ink, paper, cement , spft plushyada yada.
4. last one us = woman don't sexualy objectify??? if so then prove it.

p.s. and yes I do objectify both sexes equally{so is this not equality by definition.

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