funny story
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03-12-2011, 02:46 AM
funny story
i recently read a book called "the story of a scull" it is a book about the stupidity of religion concerning religious relics.
the narrator in the story is the scull itself after it was parted from its original owner.
in the beginning the scull explains how it used to belong to a middle class person that was killed in battle and how it was cut off from its body by a monk that waited near the battlefield to collect body pars to create religious relics .then it goes on saying how its was boiled , cleaned, dressed in gold and the wonderful life it had after that and the respect and money it gained as a relic .
it is a quite funny book written in the end of 19 century Greece by Emanoyil Roidis. of course as you can expect the author was excommunicated for such an insult to the church.
at that time the common belief was that if the church excommunicates u ,then your corpse will not rot after you die( i ques all living matter is part of the communion since it usually rots away after death)
based on that belief the author was asked
- are you not afraid that your body will not rot after you die
and his answer was
-not the slightest ,i was just wondering if i could ask the church to excommunicate the soles of my children s shoes so they do not wear off so fast and save money on buying shoes
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