geek/otaku school challenge
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25-11-2015, 01:32 PM
geek/otaku school challenge
you are going to school in a world of heroes... the thing is though you have a choice of class mates plus one teacher. these class mates can be hild versions ofd adult characters from dc/marvel/anime..... but the have to contain a combination of two different aspects.. one from list a and one from list b.. you can only use an aspect once..... plus the teacher can be anyone you want... who will you chose to be your class mate/help you save the world....

1. ninja
2. witch
3. mutant
4. speedster
5. no power but can still kick butt
6. weapon master
7. psychic
8. cyborg
9. pirate

class types
1. class president
2. mascot
3. class clown
4. nerd
5. jock
6. rival
7. love interest
8. silent and bookish
9. drama king/queen

and by the way you first assignment/mission is to kill a god....

p.s. I just threw this together as a challenge butttt.. I think it's interesting.... have fun and ty.

1. Striding and swaggering rootlessness without end. The precious flow of life.
2. one should fear sweet a blood stained flower.
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