getting pregnant on purpose just to have abortions
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03-08-2014, 10:42 AM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2014 11:27 AM by Adrianime.)
RE: getting pregnant on purpose just to have abortions
(31-07-2014 03:59 PM)bobsyeruncle Wrote:  Getting abortions just for the heck of it seems a little more merciful than getting babies just for the heck of it. Rolleyes
[Image: nL9qJpr.jpg]
If a single one of those kids ends up on welfare, these parents should be deported/exiled.

I prefer fantasy, but I have to live in reality.
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03-08-2014, 11:02 AM
RE: getting pregnant on purpose just to have abortions
(31-07-2014 02:42 PM)Seikilos Wrote:  A few months ago, I was chatting with a friend-with-benefits, and told her that I'd prefer we stick to anal sex and abstain from vaginal sex because I'm absolutely opposed to ever having a child. A condom seems like small insurance against pregnancy when you're as adamantly childfree as I am. She said that was fine with her, but then nonchalantly added, "Abortion is still legal, you know."

I believe she would have an abortion if she got pregnant, but I still won't have vaginal sex with her because I hate the idea of putting the ball in someone else's court when I can avoid it. Still, the conversation got me thinking: wouldn't it be something if a man and woman DELIBERATELY conceived and had early first-trimester abortions, over and over again, and publicized the hell out of it? In response to the inevitable firestorm, they might shrug and say, "We assert that a fetus at this early stage has no more moral significance than a fish, and probably far less. We eat fish with no compunction, and get far less pleasure out of it than we do from having unprotected sex, so we see no reason to stop. We are always open to hearing evidence-based arguments that contradict our position, but we will not entertain faith-based arguments. Thank you."

Of course the opposition could argue that frequent abortions are hard on a woman's body, or that the government shouldn't have to subsidize such attention-whoring, etc. There might be some legitimacy in those arguments. Where the dialogue went from here almost wouldn't matter; the fact that it had been diverted away from the "sanctity of life" would be a victory in its own right.

Reading your story, I don't see where the woman said "she wanted to get pregnant".

She may have been on the pill or infertile for a variety of reasons, and was just reassuring you that you didn't need a condom.

I seriously doubt that any woman would "want to get pregnant just to have an abortion". I'm a male, but I still find your comment a bit insulting to the woman and all women.
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