god/dess made us flawed! We're just children! *dopeslap*
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29-11-2012, 09:08 AM
god/dess made us flawed! We're just children! *dopeslap*
Last week I was with a group of my friends and the matter of the creation of the universe came up. One of my friends made a reference that was essentially, "Who was the First Mover?" after a brief discussion of the Higgs Boson(s). A particularly annoying acquaintance of mine at this gathering made the comment, "We will never know everything about the universe because we are flawed" wrapped in a reference to how the goddess created us.

I've been rolling it around, unintentionally, in my head all week. I get more annoyed every time it pops up. "We're flawed, we're just victims, wah, we can't know what the creator gods don't want us to know, boo hoo, change my diaper."

We don't know it all. Possibly we will never know it all. Scientists are glad of the possibility that we'll always be searching and learning, because once you know it all there's no more joy of discovery, of chasing down a crazy elusive solution, of being amazed by nature. But we might. One day, provided we don't annihilate ourselves as a species and the rest of the universe as well, we just might find the answers to all the questions.

It is, in my opinion, pointless to argue with these 'oh we're flawed we're just children boo hoo' people. Some of you out there are undoubtedly a million times better at doing so, but for me, I don't bother. You can't argue faith. They always have an answer, and if they don't have one, they can make one up lickety-split. But it's annoying. And I am annoyed. And that is what I came to say today. Smile

"The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. ... So, forget Jesus. The stars died so that you could be here today." -- Lawrence Krauss
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god/dess made us flawed! We're just children! *dopeslap* - calmblueocean - 29-11-2012 09:08 AM
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