god said to do it!
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18-12-2014, 03:24 PM
RE: god said to do it!

Soulless mutants of muscle and intent. There are billions of us; hardy, smart and dangerous. Shaped by millions of years of death. We are the definitive alpha predator. We build monsters of fire and stone. We bottled the sun. We nailed our god to a stick.

In man's struggle against the world, bet on the man.
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18-12-2014, 03:52 PM
RE: god said to do it!
(18-12-2014 11:51 AM)Tomasia Wrote:  
(18-12-2014 10:26 AM)CleverUsername Wrote:  It's funny how millions of other people also believe an invisible, evil man forces them to do bad things, but it doesn't count as insanity for them. Guess they're only okay with being called insane if it gets them out of jail time.

Well, that's a good way to trivialize mental illness.

In reality it's not the beliefs that makes one insane, but whether those beliefs are the result of something like psychosis, or mania, conditions for which medication can be taken to reduce the effects of.

The reason why people can believe things you view as silly, or even ridiculous without being sane, is because we're not biologically programmed to accept what is true, based on some singular methodology, whether someone should trust the writers of some book written hundreds of years ago, or scientist, or that which is a product of scientifically rigorous investigation, i.e clearly defined terminology, quantifiability, highly controlled experimental conditions, reproducibility, predictability and testability.

Questions such as how much trust should one put in their own subjective experiences, is merely a matter of choice and not a question of sanity.

Are you saying that free will is sort of user friendly?
Psychosis and mania may respond to meds;the question of where insanity really starts is not too clear.
Our choice in our subjective responses to subjective stimuli decrees sanity/ insanity
not the other way around.
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