hai u guise!
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26-09-2010, 02:32 PM
Rainbow hai u guise!
Hi there,

Since I can actually access this forum (I can't access most from my mobile system), I'll be contributing to information and debate where I can. I am a subscriber to thethinkingatheist youtube channel (as I can imagine everyone else in this forum is) and love the amusing ways of captivating the viewers. The first video I watched was "Top Ten Creationist Arguments", and it encouraged me to go through all of thethinkingatheist's videos.

Personally, I've been an atheist since I was 13. It wasn't the fallacies of religion that had pushed me away, but I found there was no valid reason to follow a doctrine, no religion suited MY personal beliefs, and there was no need to believe in a god or gods. Since High School, however, I discovered the many negatives of religion, such as the WBC, Fox News, the denial of contraception to prevent AIDS, etc, etc. I had read The Book of Satanism (I like culture and religion studies), and it explained the hypocrisy and intention to guilt that was infused into Christian beliefs. However, although Satanism has some positive qualities (if god is made in man's image, why not make that god yourself?), it too was very hypocritical.

Maybe I'm too much of a hedonist to care about following anyone else's moral codes. It is our empathetic nature helps us survive together anyway.
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26-09-2010, 07:30 PM
RE: hai u guise!
Hedonism. How dare you enjoy life while others are saddled by a burden of beliefs that they will not let go of. OOPs, I am a atheist, too. Let's party.
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