head canon vs ancient mythology
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23-10-2016, 12:12 PM
head canon vs ancient mythology
I got a couple questions dealing with head canon and ancient mythology. If you don't know what ead canon is. it is the way you think things are or work in a piece of entertainment. basically in an area that the series hasn't went into. so knowing that here is several questions.

1. do you think it's possible to have head canon on the following.... A. ancient mythology. B. urban legends.... C. the bible. D. science/nature/reality... well when it comes to stories told.
2. what exactly can you not have head canon about. the reason I ask is I think i over use that term and sometimes I use it were it doesn't make since. so whats your thoughts on this.

p.s. yes this was a yahoo answers question.... but i thought you guys could do better here.

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23-10-2016, 10:24 PM
head canon vs ancient mythology
Mythology really is a combination of different time period or reflected head cannons basically.

Or simply separate canons. Norse mythology is the best example of it because the annals that recorded it in chunks over time from different regions and different levels of Christian/Roman influence make it become different canons. Such as queries like is Loki of the Giants or the Gods? Or is he half each because that shifted. Are Freya and Figga separate goddesses or the same, depends on the Canon area.

I suppose you COULD say head cannon in terms of contemporary religion or science views but generally that'd basically just be using the term in the context typical of the phrase "world view" wouldn't it?

Though so many Christians do seem to have their personal relationships idea of their God of Jesus view that's like their personal head canon.

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25-10-2016, 05:11 AM
RE: head canon vs ancient mythology
Isn't the New Testament head canon of the Old Testament?

Wouldn't the Old Testament be head canon of Babylonian and Sumerian myth?

We even get different versions of canon in Genesis from two different writers.

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