helping out a friend
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27-01-2017, 01:17 PM
helping out a friend
Just venting, I have been through this before. Still has me emotional though.
He is really more of an acquaintance from my diesel truck forum. They are theists that know who and when to talk about religion for the most part. They know how I feel and leave it alone.
His wife has bone cancer, and she twisted her leg and broke her hip in November. It was weakened by one of the tumors and the radiation as well. He posted up a request for prayers, since most of the truck guys are theists.
I went up to help her carve up the thanksgiving turkey, make soup stock from the rest, and make gravy for turkey pot pies and clean up the kitchen. It was nothing that got talked about on the truck forum.
Theists pray, we do things. Smile
She had to come off the particular drug trial she was on to heal from the broken hip, and the cancer grew.
Now he wants to take her on a camping trip to the southwest, and posted up requests to find an appropriate trailer.
I am working on that with the requirements that it has a space for a recliner for her to sleep in, and is possible to move about with a walker. This eliminates 5th wheels, since 99% have the bathroom on an upper level and they are usually 1 more step off the ground as well.
I offered the loan of my Ekornes stressless recliner if it fits her well, from my 5th wheel. I can do without if we go, and it will fit through most any trailer door.
I know what is coming, I guess I feel the dread more this time around.
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27-01-2017, 01:39 PM
RE: helping out a friend
*hugs* I think it's nice you offered to help out. I'm sure they really appreciate it. I can understand why the praying bothers you and if that's all people are doing and not offering any actual help, that is doubly frustrating. That said, I think everyone deals with grief differently and if praying helps people grieve/process emotional stress, etc, for me personally, I don't have a problem with it. I do know theists who pray and offer to help out. So I can't say all theists I know only pray for things to get better. Hopefully these theists you know and the friends of this family will start lending a hand in addition to the prayers.
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27-01-2017, 01:42 PM
RE: helping out a friend
My dig was only a little humor on a dark topic. They don't bother me too much. That does not matter as far as I am concerned, I can only govern what I do.
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