hilarious value
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17-11-2012, 07:33 PM
hilarious value
I am about to tell you something that will blow your mind with laughter and you will not believe it's funny til I get to the punch line. in fact you'll be wondering why i say this is funny but stick with me. I tried to look up the value of the resale of a Dream cast today and I found that some one on amazon was selling new ones for $300{if OI remember right.} and there were some used ones for $13.50. now I was curious to figure out what was the difference between a new and used system would be because I have a dream cast that functions like it was brand new. so i asked someone and would you believe what they told me.

"it's because they still have the original box."

no kidding you the three dollars worth of card board that rapped the system originally actually makes the system worth about three hundred dollars. now I know what your saying that's the way things go buy you try to pull that one at your local play and trade and see if this makes any since. basically try to sell the m the original box for a dream cast for three hundred dollars. they'd laugh you out of the store and probably rightfully so. it's the game system that as the value. sp whats the fuse about the box. I mean my dream cast works like you just bought it.{well I have never played any games on it but that from not a lack of trying to afford them.} so what do you guys think hilarious or not.

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