history of media and the never ending cycle of vilafication
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27-07-2014, 02:19 PM
history of media and the never ending cycle of vilafication
it goes without saying that the media has to have a bad story or eles nobody will watch but I've studied on tyhis subject a bity and have found a shockingly disturbing cycle.... everybody knows about the controversy over video games as a media but did you know that there has been a controversy over every form of media in a certain cycle going back to books... not kidding you books where vilified and you where told they would make you stupid. I seen this patern. I am not exactly sure how it goes but here what I can make of it.

1. a media gains enough interest to get a community

2. that continuity flourishes till it' s just main stream enough to be barely on the radar.
3. media hustlers and people that could gain from vilifying it take to the masses like preachers to a congragation.
4. media grows up and becomes acceptable but maybe one before the other. not sure on the order here.

p.s,. it seems to me anime has been chosen for step three and is about to feel the hammer of the misleading press.

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