is there a game like thus
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10-03-2015, 08:11 PM
is there a game like thus
An idea for a game that I will never be able to make poped into my head. I was curious if I was the only one who'd want to play it. the concept is thus.... there are four basic classes and forms of attack. hand to hand, spells, mele, guns. picking toaccel at one of these will make you level up in that area three times as fast and one other two times as fast. In game matches you can stock purchase packs but only four. these will allow you to gain abilities/skills and spells buy purchasing them with in game points. you gain these points by killing people or finding them on the map.

the purchase packs come in several types. basic packs for basic abilities. combo packs that require you to have other packs. gambit packs that give you better abilities but at a sacrifice, and spell/skill packs. each having various types.

eachre are atleast got to be eight types of purchase pack{color wise} each with it's own methodology on how to play. lastly each match everything starts at level one. no mater what..... what do you think.

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