lack of fear of death
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15-11-2011, 08:53 PM
RE: lack of fear of death
Logically thinking about it I think it is irrational to fear death.......we may fear the unknown.........but death???

Ive not had one of those "picosecond" moments for a while HOC.......where sleep is a blissfull escape only to wake up to a potential nightmare of our own making.

Reminiscing of good times gone past...whilst forgeting how awesome and powerfull we all are in crafting our own lives if we simply accept the task before us.

I feel so much, and yet I feel nothing.
I am a rock, I am the sky, the birds and the trees and everything beyond.
I am the wind, in the fields in which I roar. I am the water, in which I drown.
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24-11-2011, 12:38 AM
RE: lack of fear of death
Nine days later, it's Hersey's Kisses and Soda... yes, there is no Intelligence in this Design. Big Grin

Singing this jam, thinking of my Gwynnies; knowing that philosophical causality covers not the non-evolving zero. Big Grin

My Gwynnies! There she is in a 20 second vid- I mean, yikes; do I fricking love that girl. Yet, at the same time; I can see why people criticize her. There's an undertone in this vid, of her identity; how it has drifted from "sweet and adorable" to "hollywood-like." This is more of a concern on my part than anything else, that she has become involved in a lifestyle and a pattern that does not fit her identity.

Not like it is any of my business, but her mother has yet to yell at her like what happened in the beginning in the year, and I was concerned; and there ain't no praying to be done that's gonna get a resultant. So I run my neck in my atheist peer group, some peeps send some positive mental attitude by way of my Gwynnies in their thoughts, and shit gets rectified.

And I'm still gonna eat these damn Kisses and drink this damn soda. I mean, this fucking government that makes pizza a vegetable should know that chocolate is a food group. Jeez... Big Grin

living word
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