lets play whos target audience is it anyway
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21-08-2017, 03:55 PM
lets play whos target audience is it anyway
I wish media was both ore and less formulaic. no litteraly, the reason is I love two things simultaneously that contradict each other...
1. anime and it's formulaic-ness...
2. shows that leave you scratching your head and asking yourself who asked for this/who pitched this. a couple of good examples are tenchi muyo. a series that defied a genera description so long that it started it's own genre... little witch academia... loves those shonens that decide to include shojo elements... or baka and test. a show that said it's a fans service show for bisexual people.

so I was wodering.is it just me or dose shows like these create the ban wagons instead of jumping on them. do you guys know of any series like this.

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