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23-12-2013, 06:19 PM
You get to thinking after a while that some truth in these things exist- not as hollywood would have you believe in a caricatured harry potter sort of way. No, in fact that's hollywoods magic at work itself, casting it's spells. there are different spells in deed- of guilt spells, sleep spells, fear spells, love spells, etc. They are not called spells. If anything they are called propaganda, influence, manipulation or deception or trickery, but it's all the same, isn't it? They can also be called post hypnotic or just plain old suggestion. America is very good at it whilst accusing others. And Israel too. Isn't that the point? isn't that part of it's defense. And despite Christianity's command in the gospel to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, it seems organized religion has robbed us of critical thinking and opene-eyed ness. You get to thinking if you go far enough- what is Haman's side of the story, or Satans or the Snake/Serpents? Not that we want to knowingly flirt with 'evil' if evil really exists as they say. but yet there's that temptation or urge- as if urges are 'bad', and more, the final straw is when we realize the 'good' are the ones doing the damage, deliberately or not. They are the ones sitting on the wealth- I mean the Vatican, the high priesthood and Pharisees, Ananias, etc. The Christians are making warfare and causing bloodshed- not that I have anything against that mind you, but in the name of peace and under crazy making hypocritical contradictions and for the spread not of folk and blood in defense of soil as much as universalist ideology, against their own brothers. I see religion as being full of bad magic. Bad from my biologically based perspective.

I feel tense. I have always felt tense. It's my tension and underlying feeling of low level oppression, boredom, anxiety, stress, that has caused me to be as I am. A girl would help for part of it, but only part, and it's not something you can will or chase. My destiny is that it comes when it comes. So I realize that there is no such thing (probably) as psychic phenomena in terms of how the movies and film and pop culture define it- stupidly as they define everything- but probably there is some such thing as psychic energy in a more psychological sense, in terms of the mass attention and weight we give things- oh yeah the weight we give things! Indeed, the weight! And Religion can really allocate this psychic energy of masses. Would we be as eager to wage war against Muslim nations if we were not a Christian or religious nation- moreover, if we didn't believe in end times eschatology and armageddon- even if only in the background? Even if these ideas are only playing in the background, as something considered or seen as possible, they can cause allowances for manipulation of minds and militaries, through legislative mandate. Oh I hate when use of force against our non-enemies is mandated or allowed by the general public. See where democracy leads- and uninformed democracy at that! So much psychic energy is also put on money, too. That is in part I'm sure because of the black magic of inflationary money printing. To illustrate most simply how it is a fraud, printing money for nothing, what should be done whenever they print money is distribute the money printed freely to those who already possess money in proportion to how much they possess, thereby to offset the difference created or the arbitrage- and in so doing nullify the very purpose. But they won't because it's not only impossible but what would be the point? the point is to plunder! To stimulate the economy (that is, spending- which it does, because we know our money will be worth less so we better not hold onto it). You should read the alpha strategy book by Pugsley when you have time. It's the only thing which makes any sense. Invest in durable goods and real valuable things and skills, not to grow wealth but to protect wealth from plunder. Now this money obsession and general insecurity causes the masses to put a lot of psychic energy onto money. I do not believe it has to be this way. I do not believe all other cultures were or even are this money focused such that the richer have so much higher status and respect. Don't they? Nowadays, nobility is defined by wealth. I consider this decadent.

Anyways this is perhaps a greedspell that has been placed on us. I believe we are cursed- as a country- namely america, and have become enchained and enchanted by black sorcerers- whether they just evolved or were by design or a little of both- due to our role and involvement in the last three great wars this country has fought, especially. After the wars we were more in debt, we were more heavily taxed, bankrupt and exhausted and ready to submit to authorities as not before, as well as karmically connected to the countries we fought. The last three great wars I'm referring to are first- the war between the states (erroneously called a "civil war"), the first war against middle europe, and the second war against middle europe. This cursed us and by us I mean all free peoples or people whose ideals anywhere near approximate truth and liberty, even if they don't attain this. We have been enchained and the IRS grows in power. This need not be, but we have to break the curse and break the spells? how do we do that? I am attempting it through work and study. To me I believe in an idea which can be called karma, though it's not the same as some hindu concept. It is action, or consequence in my definition, and it is the ripple effect principle, and I recognize in this that there are no insignificant actions- so what is necessary is awareness and control over all actions. I do things blindly. I do many things blindly and ignorantly and that leads me into loss, perdition and shortcoming, but I am working hard to rise out of the pit.

Whenever I get stuck or lose fuel, in my work, I can always go back to the bible and try to extricate myself from it- and see how it befuddled me. Of course I think the garden of eden story is a myth and nonsense, and it is best to leave all that behind as a fable and a dangerous fable. And yet supposing it's true, why should we not love the snake? We hear what the snake said, but only through the media of scripture and priesthood. We don't hear what the snake said in the snake's own testimony. We'd make bad judges or bad justices. We don't hear Haman, or the Hittites, or Simon Magus or the Philistines, or the pagans or any of these people.

now I propose that this religious mythology and fable when taken seriously or even entertained jokingly binds us by occupying our minds if nothing else, and we can't take anything else seriously, like what's going on in the world and who is running it. There are also those who take these fables and others seriously and are running it with them. They take prophecies seriously, I'm sure- like those of Isaiah and Obadiah. In the "holy bible" as it's called, or in the Torah, Esau sold his birthright because his brother made him soup and wrote an unconscionable contract when his brother Esau was perishing in famine. Joseph went down to Egypt and did a good business there in the commodities market, with the help of the state behind him. There are some unconscionable acts by today's standards. Forget attacking the Talmud- if we can read it that's great. All we have to do is see the Bible itself with virgin eyes of a child- but since many people hold fast to it, we have to loosen them from it? I do not recommend proselytizing atheism, but I do think we can be agents of dissolution or winding up. When a partnership ends, it goes through processes called dissolution and winding up. I think the same can happen with religion, and won't we live in a better age? But we are not people who will force. That's what they do! They do it in the name of Good- of course. Has anybody anywhere every done anything in the name of Evil?

When I get to the bottom of all these things, painstakingly- although it isn't painful, trust me, it is relieving, because it is relevant- beautifully relevant- I feel better and more open. It feels like magic. It is not magic. It is perhaps what Dawkins calls the Magic of Reality, or the magic of relevance, and taking off the heavy weight of dogma. I don't know what forgiveness is anymore or whether it's necessary. I'm sure it's necessary to preserve human relations, but are these necessary to preserve in a non-tribal society? I don't know if I can ever forgive those who cut me off of my birthright- I mean my foreskin.

People who accuse such as me of complaining or having or making drama or being overly critical, who would tell me to heal- I am healing, this is part of my process of coming to answers. if they just want me to shut up, not caring about my well-being, they are not my friends. And I represent others who are going through the same struggles by the way. And there are those who want to impose their worldview on others and their ideologies on me and others. They are sorcerers. I want to be open eyed and hard for what I cross their paths. With my staff I will whack them. With my pointed words I will reveal them. Dogma always wants to assert itself, because dogma is a comfort for the weak and a weapon for the lusty.

There is no greater more popularly accepted spellbinding book than the bible, from Genesis to Revelation. This is far more true than Mein Kampf, which actually dispels many myths as it creates others. At least he was honest and direct in saying he wanted to impose his worldview and it would be a war of worldviews. They believe they possess my body. They can draft me to fight their wars, they can tax my income. They cut me as a child> These three things are control of my body and the fruits of my body. No wonder I feel as a servant at best or to a degree a slave- combine that with lack of female love yet at the same time feminine wiles and manipulation- I'm not complaining. Let them continue evermore, but let me discover their game and be free. It is a longer deeper road to freedom than I imagined. No half measures will do. The heart is breached with compassion, the genitals are breeches with lust, when it 'attaches' to an object. The head is breached with sophistry and distraction, when it attaches to a delusion. The whole of the self is breached, and being lazy and idle is the road to perdition. Work is the most liberating of liberators. To have found one's work is a wonderful thing.
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23-12-2013, 06:43 PM
RE: magic/spells/occult
Let me be the first to say "tldr." Smartass

"Hey! Jesus was morally perfect. The book written by people who never met him and thought he was God said so..." Consider

-Steve Shives
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24-12-2013, 12:31 PM
RE: magic/spells/occult

8000 years before Jesus, the Egyptian god Horus said, "I am the way, the truth, the life."
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24-12-2013, 12:39 PM
RE: magic/spells/occult

We'll love you just the way you are
If you're perfect -- Alanis Morissette
(06-02-2014 03:47 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  And I'm giving myself a conclusion again from all the facepalming.
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