making pickled eggs today.
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14-04-2017, 09:38 AM
RE: making pickled eggs today.
(13-04-2017 08:10 PM)Fireball Wrote:  
(13-04-2017 06:59 PM)Gwaithmir Wrote:  Ginned Raisins:

Take a wide-mouthed pickle jar and fill it to within about an inch of the top with golden raisins. Add enough gin to barely cover the raisins. Put in the fridge and allow to steep for a week.

Enjoy a tablespoon of this mixture every now and then in lieu of a drink. It's like a dessert/mixed drink combo. It's also good as a topping over vanilla ice cream. Thumbsup

No offense, but I wouldn't drink gin, ever, no matter what you did to it. Oh, wait, if you added 10k liters of water to a liter of gin, I could gag some down. Tongue No likey gin!

My grandpa did this with fresh grapes and rum. Served over ice cream, or pork. Yum! I might have to do it sometime soon. Haven't tasted that in decades.

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