movin 2 Flooreedugh!
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19-09-2014, 10:26 PM (This post was last modified: 19-09-2014 10:40 PM by DickTheGiant.)
movin 2 Flooreedugh!
I want to die in a place that is tropical and be with all them reptiles and away from these suicide provoking winters.

Hughsie, I'll miss the bejeezuz out of ya! Meaning, you're cool! Smile

 Girly man, maybe we can bribe the administrator  to let me have a subforum where we can continue playing  grabass.  honestly didn't know it was bad to say a persons name on public forum.  When I go to Christian forums I give my first and last name so they know exactly who to pray for and no one says it's personal info.  Oh, well.

Deidre, Heart when I lost you I bet it felt like napoleon losing Waterloo and his whole  Empire at once! You deserve respect and by disrespecting you, the only person I fucked was myself.   You owe it to yourself to stay away from guys like me but the funny thing is we won't be too far away Geographically :-) 

Jst wanted to say goodbye to TTA as well but I will be sockpumpin your forum from time to time. Wink

won't have healthcare and the only person I know in Florida is my brother who lives in Tampa.I'll be homeless and maybe die but whatevs. 

I love the beach, love the waves and sea creatures, and absolutely love reptiles, alligators, turantulas, palm treas, all that exotic stuff!  I want to die in Florida.  If I had it my way I'd get eaten by a Burmese Python but maybe I can go drowned in the Everglades and feed alligators and turtles.  They better clean their plates!  :-) hahaha

The northern winters make me want to kill myself so that is the main reason for themove.Anyhow,You all were totally justified in banning me.  I was likely the top three most undesireable members to visit your forum. 

Well...Take Care and say a prayer!  Ciao.!
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19-09-2014, 10:32 PM
RE: movin 2 Flooreedugh!
enjoy watching the wicked clown die again. but my 9 lives aren't up. Laugh out load
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