musical readings
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12-11-2012, 09:58 PM
musical readings
1. a good bit of people seem to buy into the whole reading of who you are by things like looking at the palm of you're hand and other things that don't make since. though i think it a little silly trying to read ones personality in any shape or form what so ever. I think a more accurate way to do so is to listem to a persons music{or at watch what they put into their mind.{ so on this thread all you do is list your top twenty two favorite songs of all time. and then we{yes that means anyone that is involed or wants to be saus whhat the list says about you..... alright here I go.

1. in for the kill{la roux{most versions: this song has no limits to it's possibilities}
2. suki suki midnight{baby metal}

3. Aerodynamic{daft punk}

4. Paper Planes{m.i.a}[font='Times New Roman'] [/font]
5. Harder better faster stronger{daft punk}
6. Marqisa stole the precious thing{osis”I think}
7. They {Jem}
8. Watch them fall down{dj spoke}
9. So alone{anna blue}
10. Jump around{who know???}
11. Let the bodies hit the floor{again who know???}
12. Freax {broken cyde}
13. Give some mo vs. bo pep{busta rhymes vs boa}{and this exact version}
14, Sycho love{who cares????} {only the night core version}
15 bring sally up{moby}
16. Latch brothers bounce{the latch brothers}
17. Zombie {especially the night core addition
18. kiss ad tell{again with only in night core}
19. Scifi wasabi{cibo mato}
20. What’s up people{swath not opening}
21. Fell the disease{kissing violent}

22. convicter yamaxansdu
23.shanghai honey {orange range}{a certain version but I can't remember which}

1. Striding and swaggering rootlessness without end. The precious flow of life.
2. one should fear sweet a blood stained flower.
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