my aunt getting involved??
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26-01-2016, 05:30 AM
my aunt getting involved??
As some know my mom and my sister have blocked me on Facebook. Long story short my mother is bat shit crazy and my sister shares a brain with her.

Anyway as I posted around Christmas my sister moved to north Carolina; and she posted pictures on her Facebook. As my aunt took it up on herself to send me the pictures. I know she means well but i want my sister to want to have me in her life not through a 3rd party. Plus I don't like the idea of pictures of my sister and her kids being sent without her knowledge.
I did tell her that. My aunt said that she doesn't hear from them either. I told her that they didn't block you from their lives like they did me.
And still haven't heard a peep out of mom since Christmas when she sent me the text about how she misses me and merry Christmas. I then replied with I appreciate the effort and its a start. Yep nothing since then.

I'm sure I'll never hear a thing from mom unless she is guilted which is what happened on Christmas.
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