my life the cliff notes
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30-03-2014, 05:47 AM
my life the cliff notes
some time in my life ago I realized that you can boil people life down to certain types of notes. you can make them seem ether genius or stupid buttt this week I've decided to make special cliff notes on not me but my voice to see what kind of insanity is in this head of mine. so with out further ado here is this morning details......

didn't sleep last night... walked out side and had small discussion about whether i or my voices get more previous... obviously they do but they seemed to think of this note taking a bit oddly.

after starting soem exercise heard from {what i call they debate happening in the back of my head.} this time the random statement was.... "you seem to me to be the kind of person that brings a pickle to a gun fight."

will check in this afternoon with more details about 1.

1. Striding and swaggering rootlessness without end. The precious flow of life.
2. one should fear sweet a blood stained flower.
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