my little poem thingy tribute to female badasses
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14-09-2014, 08:16 PM
my little poem thingy tribute to female badasses
this is something i just wiped up out of nothing and truly explains how I feel about female badasses and why I want to be one.

here it goes....

I was talking to an old man one day who told me.... "every girl is like a snow flake, unique to itself. i laughed at the man who just satared at me. he asked me If I loved feminine beauty and if I did I must not understand it.I told him that I appreciated it more than he did. this kicked up an argument that lasted most the night. he finally spat at me and before he kicked me out I tole him this.

you think every girl is like a snow flake but I have seen girls like fire... who's beauty is only rivaled by their destructive power. I also have seen girls like lighting whose brilliance in battle is only ached by their speed. other girls are like the earth itself. there great strength can move worlds. there are women like a vast ocean. you may laugh at the drops of water but that's only part of he title wave to come. you sir may only judge a woman by her beauty but I also like them for there strength. you sir can keep your snow flaked because I've seen even they are powerful on a cold winters night but you keep your snow flakes. I'll just note this you miss out on a lot by downing so. i stormed off into the cold night. as I looked back the old man grew cold. I left him to his snowflakes and pitied him. "he may never know why he was truly wrong.

p.s. this is just a ruff draft,,,,,,, yeah i know it still needs work.

1. Striding and swaggering rootlessness without end. The precious flow of life.
2. one should fear sweet a blood stained flower.
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