need research help
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30-11-2012, 01:21 PM
need research help
i am performing a research to gauge the overall view of morality

here is how i do that

1)i have made a flyer where it asks the subject to list acts that he considers evil and unjust
i have not made it a multiple choice since that will influence the subject and when handing the flyer i do not give them examples since that also influences there perspective
2) on the other side it it asks the subject what acts does he consider good and just
and again no choices and no hints
3) i give them a time limit of 2 minutes for each side so that the only acts that they fill in are the ones that first pop in there minds

i my self have made 2000 of those flyers but i want a broader perspective so i ask you if you want to do that with your friends and email me the results ( i prefer a copy of it if in English or dutch )
i don`t expect you to have a sample size like i do any number will do

if you decide to help me on this please hold to the guide lines above

i hope to hear from you guys soon and thanks before hand for all the future help Big Grin

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