personal development
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06-11-2013, 08:56 AM
personal development
We are trained and pruned since youth, since babies. The parasites of the nation have are plan for us even before we are born. This is the essence of Personal Development.

Nobody, no host behaves normally or healthfully when parasites are within him, this is the first principle of behaviorology and psychology, and when he senses a parasite, he reacts, he lurches and tries to shake it off, and this almost never works, because the parasite knows and anticipates this. It almost seems hopeless. Surely also the parasite plays with his perceptions. The parasite is interested in keeping him demoralized. The more I go to biology the freer and clearer I become in my thinking. I still remain abstract because it's a defect in me or something. When my will contradicts my behavior, something is wrong. When I am equal to others and not measuring up. Religion is a parasite and created by parasites, knowing how to feed off the individual or feed off the masses. Ideology is a parasite as well, marxism is parasitical. Good in theory is fodder for the gullible. Morality doesn't exist either- it is a "a sign language of the affects." (Nietzsche). There is no universal morality that says we have to be 'good'. It's also worth noting that parasites, as non productive entities, designed solely to feed off the host, have time for idle pursuits. What is religion but an idle pursuit? Same with psychology and psycho-therapists, and much in medicine is parasitical. I always found that hard workers and businessmen were the least likely to be religious and fanatical. Of course if there business is one of the parasitical industries and they are in a decision making position, they might be on the other end of the table. I find also some men are so sex obsessed, and that becomes their de facto thing. I find all men tend to have a thing. The worker and especially family man or else worker with hobbies or more than full time worker tends to be the least religious or ideological. Maybe money is his idol in some cases, beyond just being prudent, but it's worth noting- I think neither bill gates nor warren buffett idolize money, they are humble, which is odd considering they have what the financially lustful so desire. Businessmen can be evil in their banality, without even realizing it, but that's a bit different.

Self-development occurs in a cultural and legal environment and that environment includes and involves a lot of developmental engineers. You have people who want and try to break free of the mold or categories, etc. Look at Kurt Kobain. They want to be in a society but they don't want to be of a society. "Come as you are". We have a lot of character engineers and memes and viruses infecting us, and we have to ask whether these come from parasites preying on us, feeding on us, plundering us. I am thinking more and more about plunder. I will not be plundered (without fighting or resisting). I already am of course, through wage garnishment (income taxes), the sums of which are used for things I abhor, but accept what you can't do anything about, have courage to change what you can, and wisdom to know the difference. At the end of the day I only want to be free. I"m 31 and I feel like a kid.

We are raised in an environment of parasites and predators. parasites are worse because they blend in and are masked, they pretend to be good and they know the host, they probably know you better in some ways than yourself or your spouse. They even write self-help books. They know how to fool people and speak to their deepest needs, and they know how to demoralize. They know how to mix concepts and ideas. They know how to take a good idea out of context. They know how to leverage one's sexuality. They know how to focus on one's deepest drives. We grow up and develop without realizing or remembering other options were there. We grow up without realizing there are different ways of viewing the world out of the head, that there is a difference in hardness or softness among men, among discipline and lack thereof, among perseverance and lack thereof. We are a ridicule rich culture (america) that's obsessed with the evil concept of "cool" and "uncool". I noticed the Germans don't think or act this way. There's more dignity and respect. I hate the concept of cool. I hate any voice in my head guiding or governing me. I hate any affect governing me. I like to be free of affects. I am like the host that realizes he has a parasite on him. I might have had pity one day for what made a person become this way, but less and less, for my own good. The parasite would make you do violence to your own good, or your own brood. They even influence the culture and the law and the discourse and the nerve system of an entity. I own what I write and send or I don't write it. Our moments of change are when we can recognize what we hated as what is best in us- our passions, our values we were rejecting. I am re-christening things- and that is not a religious concept- that is greek. For example I used to think of Dawkins as the enemy and a smart fool. Now I see him as a free spirit human being with a purpose, as a fine englishman who hates parasites and loves truth that he's willing to stick his neck out. I admire people who can stick their neck out.

I want to be in the energy. Before I act I must be free of influences designed to bring me failure before I start. I don't want to be become a parasite in the process, by staring at them for so long. This is war against the parasites. Zarathustra/Nietzsche said it, others said it. To be atheist is to be free of religious parasitism but be careful other parasitisms don't grab you. You have the right to your own brain. You even have the right to define words in the way you desire, especially in this age of language abuse and word-manipulation- as long as you can get those definitions accepted. That's the basis of law.

Law is the power in the world, and gold.

But everyone needs a purpose and a motive and a drive that is capable of realization. Without this one is apathetic. In fact apathy is a natural state for those who realize they've been going in the wrong direction or cannot go forward any more. Anger is often 'righteous' by which I mean legitimate- even when it is violent. To say that violence isn't instrumental is to be dumb. There is nothing dumber than dumb. To some people, one must just ignore, or silence one's lips. These 'good' worshippers. And a lot of the people who are violent reactively are those who realize the parasitic nature of the world and how they have been used- although they often get the user wrong, the violence goes against those in their proximity. And those who engage in sudden violence are those who are reacting unconsciously, animalistically to parasites. The Evil of Parasites is banal and systematic.

The human animal uses language. The human male is visual. The human has emotions such as compassion and pity and altrustic/idealistic senses of honor and justice. The human animal has a sex drive, and is always willing to hope, the human animal needs connection with others, it can't live isolated in most cases, it needs basic approval. The human animal needs a degree of safety and security, and a feeling of such. When the human animal is bored, it needs stimulation. The human has a limited tolerance for risk. These are the characteristics of humans,male and female, and therefore the points on which parasites can attach themselves and manipulate, with seemingness. now do you see how one needs EYES TO SEE before one can be free- pure eyes which are not lustful or greedy? What one wants ultimately is REIGNS, the reigns at very least to one's own soul or body and brain, no matter how difficult. It is the only thing worth going for, so it doesn't matter how easy the wrong way is. Self deception has never set a man free, and excuses have never made a man independent or happy in love-relationships. This is the hardest point to accept, that we've been deceiving ourselves because we are soft in the brain.

Parasites want to pain themselves as the highest and the best, the necessary, the saviors even, the patrons and benefactors. There are real upper level benefactors for sure, and the parasites hate them and envy them and feel threatened by them. They want a monopoly on our worship or trust. Parasites have many defenders and advocates, who are fooled, or else treasonous, but often fooled- it's cheaper that way and there is no risk of a whistleblower. Parasites want us to see them as indispensible or good, all the while they plunder. Or they want us to see them as harmless and silly, as a clown or joker and they would make us giddy, and sink us thereby. Authorities actually have no sense of humor, especially evil authorities,like communists and federal agents. Humor is a sign of life, and if one has a zero tolerance policy and no humor, we can assume we are working with hardcore ideologies or parasite- masters. We can take a page from their book, and not tolerate giddyness in ourself, sillyness, joking around, trying to be cool rather than powerful and independent and enthusiastic for life. Cool is weak and cool is soft, cool is a joke, it has no function- unless it does, in which case it is merely instrumental, and instruments are fine so long as one remains free and productive (non parasitical).

If the parasite really does serve the host in some way, as a sort of benefactor, then he is not a parasite, even if he eats at the same table. Even if he tries to manipulate, then he is maybe a hybrid half-parasite. There is no stronger accusation against one than calling them a parasite, but since they exist, we might have the right and duty to use this language, if we want to be free individuals and a free folk for the sake of our children and descendants and free ancestors. Anger is healthy when it is healthy. It is only unhealthy when it is reactive- when one has not calmed oneself to think out and understand the situation as it is, when one lacks sight.

Sight will make us free. Parasites would govern and alter our perceptions, in every way possible. They would get deep in the eyes and the brain, as well as in the sex organs.

You know you are free of parasites and developing on your own terms when you are laughing and joyful (not giddy) and are capable of fighting, and working and focusing and loving. you might have to go for round two, but life is a sequence of gaining more and more degrees of freedom and understanding.

Never carry a cross. If you are carrying a load from love, then it is not a cross and the way to tell the difference is that it doesn't feel painful or you don't feel the suffering. The same act can become painful or humiliating, when you realize the person you carried it for was untrue, betrayed you, cuckolded you but in general we should never carry crosses for others, for fathers and mothers and uncles and uncle sam and for jesus or religions or anything and anybody. We should decide this consciously at least, so if we find ourselves doing it out of weakness, then at least we can recognize the problem is not us but our lack of power. We should not be controlled by vices (anything which makes us unfree, often peddled by the parasites) nor on the other end have a false sense of virtues- that we have to carry a cross to be good or atone. Crosses are for slaves, unless it is voluntary. Do not be deceived about what is in your own interest and your own will. The parasite wants to confused you as to your will, and make you think what is your will and good is it's will and good. I must go now to class, no time to convey any more information. If your will is to triumph you must be smart and strong and we don't want any hollow victories.

The end result of real success in ridding yourself of parasites and uncovering their influences, is real self-development, as you need for yourself. Change or self-development doesn't happen in a day. it takes time to accrue and consistency over time is more powerful than sudden erratic bursts. If you can't go the distance and think with a long term focus you are on a sinking path and a path to disappointment. Do not spend so much time and energy trying to discuss things with people who are not willing. It takes enough time and energy to be productive and creative- that is why precisely parasites are so dangerous- because of their plunder of such productivity, as well as their poison. The poison and the plunder (both of which effect one's development, by the way) make it worth everyone's while to purge oneself of of all types of parasites, biological or memetic
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06-11-2013, 09:20 AM
RE: personal development

I can't make sense of it, which "usually" means its intellectually above me.

Theism is to believe what other people claim, Atheism is to ask "why should I".
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06-11-2013, 02:10 PM
RE: personal development
I had a cat once. It was good cat. It had, like, a stripe on it.

"I feel as though the camera is almost a kind of voyeur in Mr. Beans life, and you just watch this bizarre man going about his life in the way that he wants to."

-Rowan Atkinson
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