positive a/theism
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30-05-2013, 06:59 AM
positive a/theism
What frees me is positive atheism/skepticism as well as positive theism. What enslaves me is unthinking belief in a document or religious organization or culture or tradition. Both set one free. The church really does distract one from life's joys and beauties, demonizes or at least downplays sexuality, emasculates men (ironic since the Jesus of the bible was so opposite to theJesus they convey). Jesus in the bible was Rawhide, extreme. The OT is the most ethnocentric text and religion and in such error historically that for a modern man to believe it literally is so dangerous. Studying critical scholarship via Bible dictionaries among other things really sets my mind free. It really expands my consciousness. I love exploding myths and dogmas. Even if you stop believing in God or Christianity for example, on the whole, you might have a lot of minor beliefs that are retained therein. You need the explosive feeling you get from busting and debunking various inherited fallacies and misconceptions. Let light cast out the darkness but you need to do the legwork. For Christians who believe in the positive aspects of Christs ministry, that is liberating, rather than focusing on the passive symbolic aspects such as his death and resurrection. This empowers one, empowers me.

Actually negative Christianity and faith and religion enslaves me but existential nihilistic atheism also does the same- like the French existentialists, like suicide man Hemingway. Gotta be something more. Maybe there is something in common behind these two that is what's liberating- such as one's attitude, ones core hunger for truth though all the heavens fall, or having a purpose in life. Maybe that's what makes the difference, sets one free
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