prison or paradise
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22-12-2013, 12:29 PM
prison or paradise
Prison or Paradise- the body can be. We are all bodies and when we are in our imagination, it can often be an escape from reality. But what is causing that escape? There are often hidden factors, hidden elements- at least hidden from the protagonist. And when all or most of culture is affected, it is hidden from all- excepting the seers- often called crazies, if they haven't learned to keep their mouths shut.

Our brains do not operate at full capacity, for various reasons, one of which is pressure from above, and another of which is distraction from below- and the two go hand in hand. Nobody knows you better than yourself, nobody knows you better than your lover, Nobody knows you better than your dependent. All these are true from different sides, or points of view. Another truth is that nobody knows you and your weaknesses and vulnerabilities better than a parasite, whose survival and existence depends on you not recognizing it or being powerless to dislodge it. Man's vulnerability is in his sexual appetite, his sex drive needs as well as his ego needs for being seen as competent, a good performer, potent. A woman's deepest needs and vulnerabilities lie more along the realm of security in the world- I gather. Men need security deeply- it is just in other aspects. Security is a catchall word, or it should be. Men need sexual security and emotional security if a different type than women, women need emotional and financial security. Men can generally live on little and take risks. Women can live on little- sex. If a parasite to an individual or a culture was going to take power, what could he do? He could deprive you of your needs and then supplant them with himself as a substitute provider. Well how can he do that, how does he have this power? He can create distrust and mistrust and division- make a battle of the sexes. This is only one example and I don't want to go here anymore. And who are the parasites, in passing? Any special interest or lobby group, that wants to plunder the general public or given individuals or groups. It can be AIPAC or it can be the playboy enterprises. It can be professional organizations.

When the mafia caters to needs and desires of society- such as gambling or prostitution, etc, it is not a parasite but a provider in the black marketplace- black only because the government does not allow it- only insofar as it does not pressure or coerce or foster addiction, or strong arm the innocent. Ah, parasites are part of nature and so are part of life and we have to deal with them and develop defenses. There is no reason to become moral and morally self-righteous about it.

But I am interested in the parasites of the soul. We have no soul, at least we have no soul that is not intimately connected to the body, and so we must become conscious of our bodies, for that is our home if not our very being. When we put our bodies at risk, such as on an oil rig, it is a sign that what we are going after is something we truly value, or should value. When we work hard for money, putting ourselves at risk, to provide for a child or wife, it should suggest we really value the wife and child. When the government forces us to provide to a woman and child who separated, no fault, in a divorce, and we may or may not have full or limited access and visitation rights, then it is a kind of rape of justice or parasitical by force arrangement, demotivating to the man and demoralizing and disincentivizing to work harder, knowing as he does that his wages will be garnished. Thankfully this has not happened to me. Parasites also want to make us blind and dense, to cloud our thoughts so we lose our defenses, so we can't see what the problem is. It always wants us to shift blame onto someone else, another entity, perhaps an innocent one, perhaps not. Nobody is an angel, nobody is perfect. Note how in our society, people generally accuse Big Oil of buying elections and the cause of our going into the middle east to fight and overthrow various regimes. Syria does not have oil, but there we are supposedly altruistic. But if you look at the campaign donors in the last several presidential campaigns, big oil or industry hardly factor in. Big wall street banks definitely factor in. Note how the communists and Americans blamed Germans for what the Germans may have been guilty of but so were the Soviets and Americans- especially the soviets, but also the Americans, and we colluded- as in Operation Keelhaul. Not that the Germans were innocent but I'd like to see a little less one-sided hypocrisy and condescending judgement and a little more revisionism and recognition of the murder and rape by the American and Soviet soldiers- but that is how parasites work as well. Let us again not be morally self-righteous about it. They are part of nature, and it is our job to develop resistance and develop defenses and insights, and clarity of thinking, clear eyes.

Trauma can cause the thoughts to escape into the mind, which is the imagination. Our brains are capable of producing images and sounds, from recall or from synthetic imagination. When we have a need or desire, our brains are capable of doing instantaneous or long term gradual calculations as to whether we're capable of achieving these, and how. This is equivalent to saying our brains have a calculator function. Of course this is based on various estimates, and that is based on experience or professional opinion. For example- one estimate is, will I still have enough time to get across town to make the meeting, if I go for lunch with the boys? Another estimate is- do I have what it takes to complete a four year degree, and will it be worth incurring all that debt? When will be my debt repayment period or cash payback period from this investment? Factors to consider and assumptions to incorporate include how the market will be upon graduation and into the future, as well as interest rates and ability to rise in one's profession. This is what businesses need to know and do all the time regarding big purchases of capital assets, regarding whether they should accept a special job order or reject it, to make or to have made for them, to sell partially complete or process further, and so on. They must do all sorts of financial and nonfinancial calculations, based on assumptions and estimates, and this is called cost or managerial accounting.

This is the brain at it's best, when it is observing reality and using its brain to meet needs. the brain at it's worst is when it is displaced by some threat or terror or trauma into the escapist imagination. Osho says the mind does not exist. The mind is a separation from reality. Einstein Says imagination is more important than knowledge. I disagree. In my experience, knowledge is more important than imagination, by far. It is imagination that creates religious and religious beliefs and superstitions and many unfounded anxieties and phobias, fears of rejection and worst case scenarios. This imagination is supposed to prepare us for the worst case and get us ready for survival, as well as to imagine the positive thigns that could be, if we did XYZ. But all too often it is seeded, by others, by the world, by pop music and parasites and prophets with distracting and misleading notions that carry us, like Gillagins boat, far out to sea, and really damage or destroy our life's potential. Why can't we first live in reality, and then decide whether or not we want to engage in imagination?

And we must choose if we value strength and hardness, or softness and meekness- especially as a man. In softness and vulnerability, certain people or groups can find their power, especially in certain cultural epochs under certain value systems and moral zeitgeists. Women who are soft can be protected in the home, while the men are hard. But many are hard inside, but appearing soft on the outside, and weak, as in our culture, can gain the support and protection and be powerful in themselves. But we must decide- hard or soft, and having decided, we must realize that it makes no actual sense to raise a child one way as a child, and suddenly change his training into something otherwise. The right age for teaching the right thing is right away- we only have to change the level of difficulty or complexity. It makes no sense to have a boy watch carebears as a child and expect him to be like a conan, or to have him watch Xmen and expect him to live in the real world with his feet on the ground. There should not be seen some magic age where this is all put away as childish things. If that happens it happens through reality recognition, but why not start right, right out the gate. I love when people are good, right out the gate.

Purity is a high value of mine- not being breeched in the brain or the soul, the heart or the cock- that is the sexual energy center. I value love but my criteria for what is love is so much higher than societies- it requires something that is pure, that is untainted by co-dependence or manipulation or weakness. In order to have love you must be strong, you must earn love. Love and sex are connected, also, in men as well as women. Men think they separate love from sex. I say love doesn't have to be monogamous or committed, for it to be love. Love means we approve of the other -and even want to incorporate their being, or a part of their being, into ourselves and our souls and psyches, and have them be the parent of our child- biological or in day to day. To have love is also to have hate, and hate is permissible in my worldview and actually required. We must hate the abstract things which hinder us- hating poverty and hating hypocrisy and hating plunder, for instance. We can also hate that which threatens what we love. We can hate parasites or parasitic behavior. Having rejected Christianity, that jewish sect gone gentile which follows the teachings of a hebrew self-professed eunich (celibate- in the past, eunuch can dennote simple celibacy- anyway he was a eunich of the soul, unless he lied) named Saul/Paul, and the also described as celibate eunuch Yahshua bar/ben Josef, a Galilean/Nazarean Hebrew who was crucified on a cross or tree by the romans at the instigation of a jewish mob during one of their festival periods, when they were all gathered in teeming Jerusalem, the city of peace, I also reject the Christian virtues or moralities or value system that came to the west along with it- that is pity and excessive altruism and asceticism and celibacy. To me all things are right or wrong, when done with the right reason, or wrong reason. The wrong reason for doing something is to be existentially a 'good person', and generally also to be seen as good- unless this is an important circumstantial survival mechanism. Having rejected Christianity AND its morality, I do not accept its opposite number. I reject all ideology and prefer to do my best to live in the real, natural world. Sometimes I feel skunky- I want to produce a stink or noxiousness to keep people away, as a defense. Sometimes I want to be as a mink, to attract them to me. Sometimes I feel like being a porcupine. Other times a fox.

I come closer and closer to the body, to nature, to accurate thinking. Such as my goal anyways, and my desire, my delight, my direction. Some things are hard, but are they valuable or not valuable? That is the question, and secondly, are they worth pursuing? What is hard is accounting, but does it pay? Not just financially but in terms of awareness and business power? We're all trying to remove the weights off our shoulders, if we have any weight thereon, to get to where we need to be. We all have felt what it's like to be oppressed. The government entities keep taxing us, and I am studying tax law. it seems they have the force of a gun behind them to demand
payment, which is to say, demand our time we have to spend on this earth. Does it help to get angry? What makes one powerful? What makes one intact and whole and self-contained, not breeched?

When we feel under the power of higher secular authorities, we can feel in a prison if we can't cope or understand. There is no god, at least we are in no position to say one way or the other- most of us- but let us not forget- there are gods, and demons, on this earth, in human flesh and in corporate form. They are the IRS and they are Playboy enterprises, Madison Avenue, they are Wall Street and corrupt pension fund managers and book-cookers and AIPACs and SPLCs and ADLs.

Like a suit of clothes that has served it's purpose, I want to drop my weight, drop my care, slip out of this weight, while I keep the eyes to see. I render onto Caesar what I must thereonto render, fight what I can, but I will be free from morality in the mind and body. It is good to be prudent. In darkness we are easily led astray, by the blind leading the blind- or worse, the shepherd leading the sheep to be skinned. Have you considered that not all bad leaders are blind?

But no cross do I desire to carry, except in full informed consent and understanding. Legal language once understood can be empowering, and those engaged in fraud often act with scienter. There are crosses we choose to carry voluntarily, though we may not be conscious we're doing it. There are crosses the roman army makes us carry, as it made that one fellow in the godspell. There are enough of those. It is the weight that must be shed, to the extent possible. And we can become an authority, with accrual of knowledge and skill, over time, as we gain competence and pride in a profession, and we become a man of standing in a society, who may say the same thing he said years ago, but lacked standing to be taken seriously. Crosses are heavy and what's the point? The point is that we're serving another- but are we even serving them? Would they not be stronger carrying their own weight? Kings are- or became at some point in history, the first decadents. At one time they were the strongest, the most powerful and capable, as warlords or chieftains and conquerors. Then they became victim of their own success and decadents.

I know that arbeit macht frei- work makes you free, and that saying was used in Weimar by the way, and was from the 1800s by the way, not just the NSDAP and it is basically a true and powerful statement, to the gentile and jew. If you are not working, are you becoming decadent? Are you decaying?

Affect flow leads to affect liberation and work leads to affect flow, and hard study leads to the same, while walking it off. Such is what I have found. First we must create the frame, then fill in the frame, all under time pressure as part of the university learning process, or the cramming system as I call it. We have to outpace the professor and class, there is no other way. We have to be one step ahead. The body and the self is in a prison or a paradise depending solely on what affects he is allowed to feel in his own body at a given time. Are they affects of heaviness and constriction or are they affects of looseness and flow? And when the affects are open and expanding, so is the mind/brain, and when the affects are constricting, it symbolizes some hidden pressure or threat. When that pressure is identified and crystallized and understood, so do the affects become made acute, and the end product of perseverance is not only pride but freedom and understanding. The learning process according to gleim begins with memorization, goes on to understanding, application, analysis up to evaluation and ending with creativity. We become creators- of systems- of internal audit systems, and financial planning systems, of new ideas, models in whatever vocation we chuse.. but we need to respect what we're being taught, which is true, to stay on track on the learning process- and not just the memorization process for eeking passing grades from exams. And then this is only one aspect of life- the university and professional life- from which a measure of independence or power can be one, from which a social or family life can be won. Nobody will date you if you A. have not arrived at a place of independence and strength B. Show promise of arriving there through qualities and evidence that you are on that track or C. just have so much power and confidence that you can take ones choice away by your uninhibited actions and your consciousness.

Many people, they become other-world's men, living for the other world, forsaking sex and money and material comforts and security and social status. They claim these things lead to heart attacks and stress and early deaths and anyway the kingdom of heaven is much better. The kingdom of heaven would be so much better but the kingdom of heaven is within, and it arises from amortization of obligation and affect flow and libido flow and creative and destructive abilities (personal powers). Gleim says to do well on the exam we must have control. I like that. Finally an organization which tells the truth. And it goes on to define what control is and how it is achieved. No more excessive decadent criticisms and critiques- of The Patriarchy, of Society, of the White Man, of being in control, of power- all the while the true reigns of power are being held by unseen hands. Those on top (whoever they are, and it can be us, because I just mean on top of life) they laugh at the naivety of the self-deceiving and recognize the self-abnegation of the outspoken many.

Is one who thinks thus lonely? Perhaps lonely among the many but among the few, and the trees, is in good company, and prefers deep intimacy and true friends, friends of free spirits. the more who abandon the ways of the masses and decadents- without changing jobs per se or moving away but changing in spirit, within, the more you can join the real party- but pay your obligations, pay your dues. Try not if possible to declare any form of bankrupcy- financially or emotionally. Don't write off your financial or social debts, but pay them off and go your own way. Don't focus on what you hate, not once you have outlined it and registered it and once it is burned in your memory. Focus on creating what you love, and let that displace the ugly creature in society. But first you must recognize objects of hate, to be free thereof. Let the flow of life energy be uninhibited, and unconsumed or non-mis-directed by parasites and plunderers. Plunder is not so bad if you're a giant though but even giants can fall, through trickery or a thousand hyenas. When you don't sin- i.e. dissipate and waste, but let every bit be used, lead you forward, you'll go through ups and downs and crazy states, but you'll just be seeing how crazy the reality is we're living in, how much it is controlled. We are to be in personal control- so that means our self-control necessarily goes against others' control of us and society's and the governments control of us. We cannot fight the hard control, at least not really, but the soft control we can- the moralizing and peer pressure, the lies and deceptions, when we become as a child again and free in our powerful sexuality, working and studying and working out and fighting and dancing and doing what we do. Soft control is so powerful. Soft control wants to rule us.
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22-12-2013, 01:09 PM
RE: prison or paradise
Could you make your point with fewer words, for those of us with a short attention span?
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