ptmandatory taste in entertaiment
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15-10-2016, 11:57 PM
ptmandatory taste in entertaiment
I was just talking to evolution kills and i think I butchered my last posts mean but a lot of what i said had me thinking. how much of are taste in entertainment not chosen by us. so this first is going to be about jrpgs, wrogs and hip hop but it can fit any entertainment/taste out there. you see I find that some of the things we like aren't chosen or even naturally formed by us or our brains. they are due to a list of other factors like cultural proximity, national pride, and cultural identity. for example the chance that a black person is ore like to love rap is incredible high. It seems to me if that is true and remains a value over log periods of time, then did any black person chose to like rap or do they have a inflated like do to said factors. I know this seems like it's weird for mew to ask but said things keep us from actualy picking our own taste seems to be les likely. though I liked to think we have some choice in this it's just dampened by other factors. what do you think.

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