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17-09-2016, 12:00 AM
RE: punishment
I haven't read the thread because I'm too lazy so what I'm about to say has probably already been said in which I don't care, go fuck yourself I'll say what I want.

If we are talking about crimes I think punishment serves two purposes.
Firstly, it serves the "revenge" side of it, which I actually think is important. Revenge is often seen as a bad thing but I do not see it as such, I think it's just a natural response to being wronged and it is fair in inflicting some punishment upon someone that has wronged someone else. But the punishment must be fair.

Secondly, it serves as a deterrent. Yea we shouldn't need a deterrent but honestly, the thought of being imprisoned is all that stops me from punching some people in the face sometimes, I'm sure everyone feels like this at some point.

I see punishment and rehabilitation as two separate things. I think rehabilitation is more important but I firmly believe that someone should be punished for a crime.
The perfect 'punishment' involves the convict being punished according to the crime and being rehabilitated (up-skilled, anger management or something) whilst in jail so when he/she leaves jail they are less likely to re-offend.

There are however some people that cannot be rehabilitated and these people should be locked away permanently. As well as people that do crimes so bad they must be punished for the rest of their lives.
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