reading habits vs viewing habits
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02-01-2013, 06:15 PM
reading habits vs viewing habits
basically I had some self reflection one day. I noticed that my reading habits where different from my viewing and gaming habits. for one i tended to read as much shonen{guys} as I did shoujo{girls} style manga but when it ones to my viewing habits i tend to watch more action oriented programming. not that i don't watch the shows that where more romantic but I seem to skew more towards action when d. but when i am choosing media I tend to start splinting hairs. to far one way and I will be ok but to far the other.{for example to much story} and I tend to to just not play the game. there are other variables. like the ratios of stuff I like in each.

for example
my perfect anime
10%=lony tunes
20%=fan service
20%== romantic sub pllot
and yes i know thatas 110% but i haven'ty worked out the details

where as mey favortite bookl/ manga
10=fan service
25%=romantic sub plot

and so with this note I was wondering if this trend was a constant one or is each person more unique like a snow flake. so what i want you to do is use the percentage system I put together and tell what the percents are in each of these categories. gami, tv, and reading. for example.

the best video game ever
15%=fan service
15%=romantic sub plot
10%=romantic sub plot
35%= interpersonal drama between characters.

p.s. you don't have to use the percents i used. heck if you like 5% usage of pie that would be fine with me.

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