religion as cult
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11-09-2013, 12:32 PM
religion as cult
Cults, the defining characteristic I give to them is they try to recruit and seek you, or else attract and entice you. Either way they want to consume you, use you. They are also deluded. Maybe everyone even the leaders believe this or maybe only the flock is supposed to believe this. Either case, there is the face value and there is the real meaning of a statement, and sometimes they are identical. But the reason, the reason why religions grow and how they operate and the damage they do is allowed to continue, is that they are active. I realize this more and more becoming a-theist, which is not a religion itself but a lack of religion, which I now understand, is that the religious try to get us to their side. Less so with certain religions- Judaism for example, which is just a self serving supremicist tribal religion, and moreso with other religions- islam and our favorite (not) christianity. Judy and Christy caused the problems in western indoeuropan civilization while lilly threatened it from without. But what I realize is that religions seek you for their numbers, regardless of whether you leave or whether you were born a non believer. What I realized is it is a lot like marketing of a business.

It seems, and maybe this is part of what people mean by the "matrix", is that from all sides, people try to win us, seduce us, recruit us, co-opt us, enlist us in their causes, if they can't outright impose their will on us. For example religions, corporations in terms of market share and brand loyalty. Governments and politicians also. When they can't do this they want to monopolize a territory.

The very act of being born and existing with a sane or at least relatively sane and reasonable mind gives us right and privilege of independent thought and life energy and value and the rights and privileges and worth applyable thereto. We are valuable, and when we give our value to others, we should do it with good cause, when it is in our own interest. It may be helpful to know where power is in society- for example the study of law, accounting, realpolitik, applied psychology, warfare, etc, may be far more helpful and useful in success in THIS WORLD (what other world is there) than studying dead scriptures. I am interested in understanding the worldly matrix of power and securing my little place in it or my little corner. I am interested in independence and awareness, which requires power. It requires knowledge of your innate and acquired worth, so you don't undervalue yourself like I have done so often in the past.

Guaranteed way to increase physical and mental energy at least 50 percent! not a joke, but there is a catch. this particular form of energy at times may cause you to experience frustration, agony, face hard reality without a filter, but you will have increased energy useful to apply in different directions. Not by doing anything new but by ceasing to do something you perhaps engage in. Ask me how, send me PM.

Religion sucks... people in to it's vortex.
It's pride. Not the word, not the love, not what you thought from above. It's pride. Pride pride and religiosity, chewing at your soul, while you're getting distracted from the real thing, the real life, the chance at real experiences. It is for lazy minds who don't want to think, who are not interested in discovering and creating meaning in the world and making sense of things. Just let that all be done for me, they say, give me a creed, I will believe and be lazy mentally.

Deceit, deceive, decide just want you believe. Give me a book. Books have the answers to life, don't they? Holy books especially. They think it so. They want to believe so they can be comforted, so they can relax and not worry or work, but work makes you free. All forms of work are important. Religion kills initiative and independence. I noticed women in my church had a different view of it than I did, they thought of God as a provider, it appealed to their instinct for male comfort and provision. The human imagination is a powerful function of the human brain.. the ability to self-deceive knows few limits, especially when our peers are doing the same thing and experiencing results. Peer pressure is powerful. To stand alone amidst myriads takes balls even when there is legal freedom of thought. "knowledge is more important than imagination." Wrong, Einstein. You're wrong. Imagination or visualization can expand on what we know, but knowledge or knowing must come first or we are in la-la land, you who steal credit from others without citing.

Freedom through reality, and avoiding all forms of opiates and delusions and being able to repel people who want to recruit you, being on track and not distracted, on the path of ensuring YOUR needs met, first and foremost, above those of any other individual or institution.
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