religious visitors to a non c of e UK school... without consent to me, the parent
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09-01-2013, 01:26 PM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2013 01:34 PM by Reltzik.)
RE: religious visitors to a non c of e UK school... without consent to me, the parent
Is this illegal in the UK? Actionable? My understanding is that when it comes to polite letters with a punch, lawyers write darn good ones.

If you go with Robotworld's letter, add questions like when in the curriculum students will actually experience diversity by also studying Hindu, Muslim, or Shinto practices. (For extra fun, include Laveyan Satanism or Pastafarianism in the question.) Contact other parents and discuss the matter with them, see if you can't start building a petition. If you have the time and the fury, contact every level of the educational system simultaneously (from the teacher, to the principal, to the district level, to the national level, or however it's organized in your neck of the woods) spelling out the problem (name names!) and asking, as a concerned parent and citizen, for a clear enunciation of their policy regarding mandatory prayer in schools. Contacting a single official lets them just shuffle you off to the side, and contacting multiple officials in sequence gives potentially guilty parties warning to disaster-proof their positions.

If at all possible, make this a religion-vs-religion rather than religion-vs-atheism issue. (This is basic divide and conquer tactics.) What church is the priest with? Are they, say, CoE prayers, or Catholic prayers, or Methodist prayers? What do the Christian parents think about that PARTICULAR church mandating prayers for their children?

For extra fun, Google the priest and see if there are any inflammatory, controversial sermons he gave years ago, or an inexplicable transfer from a previous parish for reasons unknown. In the latter case, be worried and express your worry. Ask parents and school officials (NOT the priest or church) if they know how to ascertain that this transfer wasn't yet another instance of a sex-abuse coverup, how to legally force the church to provide an answer, and whether that answer can be trusted.

Bottom line: Seek allies (especially other parents and superiors in the education system's hierarchy), divide and conquer, and don't give the opposition a second to get organized and set from the moment you give them a hint that you're on the move.

"If I ignore the alternatives, the only option is God; I ignore them; therefore God." -- The Syllogism of Fail
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