sacrilege and salvation (there's sex!)
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23-09-2015, 07:02 AM
sacrilege and salvation (there's sex!)
So there's this -

[Image: yyV8LBH.jpg]

- after its creation my contemporaries immediately began sassing off about how the image is correctly positioned for viewing during the fap-fap. Which lit me up, because at the time, I considered such actions inappropriate for who we were. She wasn't some porn star, dagnabit!

I don't know where the inner prude comes from, I think I sucked up some lingering Puritanism from the environment while growing up in Massachusetts. It sure didn't come from the family, we didn't do shit for religious study.

Anyway, seven years later - yeah, 7 - I'm surfing teh nets when I randomly come across Gwyneth giving a monologue for Saturday Night Live in 1998 (?) as part of the Shakespeare in Love promotion. There's my sweet everything, on the screen, apologizing to all the guys who whack off to her because she's actually a guy who dresses as a girl.


I about fucking died. I thought (of course, I wasn't really thinking) that she was far too sweet to have such thoughts - and to mention them on live television for the whole world to see!


Needless to say the prophet was Righteously Smote. I kinda wish alla these other knuckleheads had such an effective god. Big Grin

The moral of the story is, of course, the needlessness for sexual repression. How does the unofficial atheist credo go, if it's consenting adults and no one dies... Angel

yeah, there's another part, but I'm pretty sure I can't post it here. Wink

living word
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23-09-2015, 07:37 AM
RE: sacrilege and salvation (there's sex!)
As someone who grew up in MA--I agree there is definitely some lingering Puritanism. My mom is very conservative. She loves Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I love my mom, but you get what I am dealing with.

I remember back when I was in college, I was going to go away on a vacation with my then boyfriend. My mom was mortified that *gasp* we would actually be sharing a hotel room.

The church fucks with your mind regarding sex too. Even though I had sex before marriage, I felt like a horrible person for letting God and my future husband down because that's what we were taught in church. When I would have sex as a Christian of course, I loved it, but always felt so guilty after (which is so ridiculous because sex is natural). Now that I am an atheist, I have to say sex is a hundred times better. Wink
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