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school of thougths.
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12-02-2013, 09:01 PM
school of thougths.
Ok first off im not a
christian nor do I think of my self as a atheist because I wont play
this game of who real and who not. What I want to know is this. When
people talk about teaching god in school I would like to have them
talk about it as you see alan watts go into it. There also a
university teacher (I forgot her name but she really hot) who goes
into history and how it was influence by religions. I mean looking
more into it we see that the garden of eve was a real place. More of
a temple for the gods back in the first forming of the Hebrews would
mimic there neighbors and build a big temple with a garden in it for
there god. Long story short something happen to the king who was the
caretaker of the garden and the city fell. How true is it? Well until
I go in and really back track what the lady did to find this info.
You hear some people talk about the geneses flower and it has 7 rings
where the 6 rings rest on the ring in the middle to have the ability
to make metatron's
and a few other things that’s cool. So If we
teach religion in school we have to teach about the genocide of the
church eugenic that was done in the name of faith.

If people want to go with morality then
I would go with Hindu or Buddhist teachings. I mean common Buddhist=
don’t steal and you don’t have to worry about other people
stealing your stuff.


Christ teaching= don’t steal and you
wont go to hell.

There both religions but Buddhist in a
light touch can make logic with the youth.

Train of thought. Well like I said
before Alan watts go into some good detail on this. There others who
do also but he the person who I would use first. The left and right
side of the self. How we should keep the unseen to our own
experience. Where if I do have a brash idea that seems like it from
god then I don’t go and say god is talking to me or else I might
look like a fool be saying that. But he does go into Christ life in
some details and I think would be best to point out in the 3 rd party
view about it.

But Its just a idea. Ya I know my
grammer sux but I wanted to get this out there and see what ur vires
on it.
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13-02-2013, 04:08 PM (This post was last modified: 13-02-2013 04:15 PM by Luminon.)
RE: school of thougths.
Hi, welcome. I guess that's your introductory post. Care for any personal details? It's not mandatory, but it will help us to decide how well you're doing in this thinking and writing stuff. For example, for someone young and/or non-native English speaking, your writing is pretty good and mature, you know what I mean? Wink Thumbsup

As for Alan Watts, we might go and say we got an idea from God and look like fools to people around, or we might go on the internet Tongue Anyway, do you know more about where he writes something on that? Firstly, in the West the custom is to say everything outright and research it with science, hold nothing back.

Secondly, Alan Watts reminded me... you might be interested in John Heron and his method that is counterpart of Occam's razor. Sometimes when an experience is not clear either way how it will end up, some God's voice or just misheard noise, it is better just to sit back and watch it. Then if it's just a noise after all, cut it with Occam's razor. Many people here are much more radical and they use Occam's razor right away, they take no nonsense from anybody unless they get a solid evidence first.
Often you don't have to know for sure what is real or not, but if you don't need God to explain anything, you can just cut away God with Occam's razor and be normal. That's what it means to be an atheist, there shouldn't even be a word for them, just normal people.
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13-02-2013, 04:18 PM
RE: school of thougths.
(12-02-2013 09:01 PM)darkisato Wrote:  I mean looking more into it we see that the garden of eve was a real place.

Christ teaching= don’t steal and you wont go to hell.

Since when is the garden of eve a real place?

Yes, that's definitely what we should take from the things Christ apparently said, that stealing results in being sent to hell.

I think there should be a class whose goal is to exercise critical thinking skills, this class should bring up religion as an example of what happens when critical thinking skills are absent.

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