scientist says he found proof of god
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09-06-2016, 08:58 AM
RE: scientist says he found proof of god
(07-06-2016 08:01 PM)SitaSky Wrote:  This is the same kind of silly nonsense that confused Christians back when physicists discovered the "God Particle", it didn't have anything to do with any God. You can easily change that video title to "Scientist says he found d̶e̶f̶i̶n̶i̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ metaphorical proof that perhaps a God exists but not any kind of biblical God." The article is taking a real scientific idea and conflating it's meaning so it seems there is order in our universe...ummm how does that prove God? It doesn't!

First of all even if Dr. Kaku just came right out and said "God is real!" he would still have to prove it but he can be best described as a pantheist in that he believes that the universe is God, he doesn't' believe in an all seeing, all powerful sky daddy that created us and loves us, even if he were to agree that there is order in our universe that doesn't mean there is a consciousness or an intelligence behind the order and there is also just as much chaos.

If you wanna hear his thoughts on it, which is very poetic and a little sentimental, you can view it here. Skip to about the 1 minute mark:

Even if we were to suppose he's a Christian in the very least a deist, so what? Just because he's a respected physicist doesn't mean everything he has to say as far as spirituality is concerned is absolutely correct and flawless. I could find you at least 100 other physicists who are hard core atheists, does that make them all right too? Well, if we're only looking at actual evidence for Yahweh for example then yes, we have found no evidence that he exists.

If you want to stretch that and say "A creator exists." then you are still just making an assumption since we don't know what the hell happened before the big bang but we could say "Count Chokula created the universe, he is God." That would be just as true as saying "Yahweh created the universe, he is God, someone had to do it!" It can also be just as true that our universe always existed and all the building blocks always existed, it just exploded and is expanding, still no need for a God. There is still no reason to believe any kind of "order" has to be intentional anyway, we still have to contend with disorder, entropy and chaos, is that proof of Satan? If the answer is yes then it's also proof of Gargamel the evil wizard.

I didn't realize he was a deist ..
But you're right. It's still the argument from authority .. and religion/mythology is not his field.

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09-06-2016, 09:55 AM
RE: scientist says he found proof of god
A coupla things... well, there's probably a whole novel of things, but I'll try to keep it short.

Kaku's so dang flaky he should come with his own winter storm warning. String theory (which he supports, so - duh) has been depreciated due to lack of SUSY popping out of the LHC. And whatever he's saying - it sure as fuck ain't what religious people say he's saying. That should be a given at this point.


What a single scientist says about "proof of god" can be safely dismissed without collaboration - especially when there's no proof. Laugh out load

What a religious group says about what a scientist says is orders of magnitude more ridiculous than the above.

Thanks for the video, though. Being flaky doesn't make Michio less cool, probably more in fact. Wink

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09-06-2016, 01:51 PM
RE: scientist says he found proof of god
This is all really stupid, in my opinion.

If you go back in time to the time of Jesus, we have a civilization in the world, a "world system" which centres around Anatolia, modern-day Turkey and the Near East. This is so because of the geography of the area in that it is at the centre of land and sea trade routes and was not covered in ice during the ice age.

One has to look at the "mono-theism" of this civilization which came out of Sumerian, or Armenian civilization. What distinguishes this culture from the Greeks and Romans is that it was monotheistic as opposed to having many gods. One has to look at which of the ancient god concepts was adopted by these people as their "one god".

The concept of an anthropomorphic God who inhabits the sky, and "made" everything, who causes weather, makes everything fertile and is "everywhere" and lives in the "heavens" is plainly and inescapably a reference to a star configuration upon which the ancients cast male features and "big" powers because he was "big". In the "heaven" of the night sky we now tend to overlook the one big male figure which has a phallus and climbs into the night sky, becomes prominent in December and then showers the planet with his phallus, with rain during the winter and then departs the scene in about March, to return in the Autumn each year and again drive away the dark nights of the winter. he carries a huge star cross on his back and has a dog, following him, Canus Major.

This is Orion/Apollo/Heru/Kara/Horus. This figure goes back to the Sumerians and is one of the three main gods of the Egyptians.

I really cannot fathom how this star configuration has come to be overlooked and how we now think that "God" has its origin in an "other" world which is invisible to us and beyond "comprehension". The ancients had a very simple and, what they thought, real answer to how life was made. A big man with a big dick, up in the sky, rained down semen and was Adam's dad. That's about it.

We, however, descend into this idiotic concept of a metaphysical "god" which does everything but which can't be argued against because he lives somewhere and "is" something which no one can see, hear or touch. The ancients could see their god up in the sky. When it became painfully obvious that this concept was just nonsense, theists changed the goal posts, and the playing field. "Ok, so he's not those stars up there, he lives somewhere YOU can't see...hahahaha!"

It's just Tom-foolery of the worst kind and discussing it on any level without realizing that it comes from a world where people at best thought of the metaphysical world as the night sky which "disappeared" during the day, is a waste of time. In philosophical terms it has all the sense of talking about an invisible green giant rabbit in the corner of the room. It's meaningless on all levels.

I only post about Horus et al to point out that at some time, the develpment of our understanding of the nature of things reached a point that most relatively intelligent people came to understand what stars are so the god concept had to be rejigged, relocated to a more remote location.

It's pure intellectual fraud positing an invisible world which no one can see or perceive, and then saying that there is something there which made everything and has total control of the whole world, but no one can argue against it becuase, "ha ha" you can't see it. It's a debate with an idiot, whether it is Michio Kaku or the Pope.
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09-06-2016, 03:51 PM
RE: scientist says he found proof of god
DeltaBravo - someone has hacked your account.
All of that made sense.

Bravo - Bravo

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11-06-2016, 05:32 AM
RE: scientist says he found proof of god
I'd say that the scientist in question has found himself mad.
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11-06-2016, 11:04 AM
RE: scientist says he found proof of god
I wasn't the only one that noticed something wasn't right about it. three other people destroyed it as well. my aunt didn't respond. hoping that this made her be able to research better before she posts. we always have really good debates about religion. I wasn't worried about whether she was mad at me. in fact I think that she knew I was going to say something.
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